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    22 Jun '17
    03 Jan '18 14:13
    If you are a talented player and have the knowledge and patience to teach other people online I would encourage you to teach the game to others at your club or online. I am interested in taking more students of the game that I would like to coach. I can teach two at the moment. Please post your rating and what your future goal is for the game. I will select players on this and keep other students in mind after I have taught two. Whoever I cannot teach at the moment hopefully someone else can pick up the slack. Best of luck. -Lovebecause
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    21 Oct '15
    07 Jan '18 20:13
    I'm really excited that you are happy to improve other people's chess ability. I'm learning to improve mine and hopefully will improve it. Have you got a blog or a site? I've started creating an app designed for kids on how to play chess and the basics. Then some concepts. Unfortunately my graphical skills is limited. So not sure if it'll be highly regarded. Then I'll add features on for stronger players.

    I don't consider myself particularly strong but would love to teach others to play and improve. I'm probably a solid club player.