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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    21 May '20 16:293 edits
    @shallow-blue said
    0 is overrated, but...

    The great idea was not a numeral for zero. If the Romans wanted to write zero, they could just write nullus (and AFAIK did). No, the true revolutionary idea, which nobody, not even the ever-perfect Chinese, thought of before the Indians did, is the positional system.
    Zero is all very well. Recognising that zero can be a number and not ju ...[text shortened]... r all, even the Mayans, Chinese, and (millennia earlier) the Egyptians had a symbol for zero itself.
    My original point was that the Arabs did not invent the concept of zero.

    The origins of zero should be a subject for study by historians of mathematics.
    Unfortunately, nationalistic sentiment or bias seems to influence some people's conclusions.

    As for bias, ShallowBlue's a notorious hateful anti-Chinese racist troll.

    "Why trust China on anything at all? As a people, they're nototious liars, pretending to have invented everything on Earth. As a state, they are both odious and aggressive. Nobody should ever have trusted a single one of them, let alone them collectively."
    --ShallowBlue (23 April 2020, Science forum)

    Note that ShallowBlue condemns ALL Chinese as liars.

    In the Debates forum, ShallowBlue has used an explicit racist slur 'chinks' to refer to the Chinese.
    Yes, dictionaries do state that it's offensive.

    Why do I bring ShallowBlue's bias to the attention of readers in this forum?
    As an analogy, I don't think that a known Nazi should pretend to be objective in writing about, say, Jewish achievements.
    And I noted ShallowBlue's sneering at the Chinese in his original post.
  2. Joined
    11 Nov '14
    21 May '20 21:44
    @duchess64 said
    Did Boudicca use Roman numerals?
    I very much doubt it. Don't think she had much time for all things Roman.

    And I doubt also if she invented the concept of the 'zero'
  3. SubscriberPaul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    The Stacks
    21 Aug '09
    22 May '20 16:28
    Hi all,

    This post has degenerated from chess, so I have asked the administrators to close the thread.

    I apologize for any contribution I made that helped facilitate the slide from the theme of the "Only Chess" purpose of this particular forum.

    Thanks for everyone who helped!

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