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  1. 10 May '10 13:04
    Old news but could it be the reason Anand is not razor sharp?
  2. 11 May '10 11:56
    He should be hitting that gym hard.
  3. 11 May '10 13:10
    Originally posted by hintjul
    He should be hitting that gym hard.
    In this interview his mum claimed that he was very active outside of chess

    Anand has said in interviews that he expected to win the title in 1995. But frankly, I find that he has improved enormously between then and now. Today, he is a more finished player, and really deserves the title. We are religious people, my husband and I. We believe that besides hard work, you need God's blessings, the blessings of everyone, to come up in life. We also believe in destiny.

    Of late, he has also been doing a lot of physical exercise, and that has helped make him physically stronger, to balance his mental strength. Overall, today he is very stable, as a player, and that has helped produce good results.

    Aruna has been marvelous for him. She takes care of everything -- interviews, question-answer sessions, answering fan mail, everything -- so that Anand can have the time to concentrate on his game. Her support has definitely been a factor in his winning the title.

    Perhaps a decade later he has abandoned that and tucks into KFC.