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  1. Standard member orion25
    Art is hard
    15 Jun '09 09:50 / 2 edits
    Hi I've just finished these two games and am pretty happy about them so I couldn't stop myself from posting them

    in this game my opponent played a bad game in the oppening and got outplayed positionally, there is nothing incredible about this game, except that it shows the power of good positional play vs. bad posicional play. 20. Rf4f3 is a mistake wich sould have cost the game or at least the attack for white. This game also shows the weakness of black's semi-advanced pawn structure by the kingside in the KID when the position is open in the center. I played white.

    This game is just for the illustration of a nice attack, ending with a pseudo queen sack. I played black

    rybka actually gave a (very long) forced mate on move 23 and 24, but I like my attack better