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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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chess puzzle1327 Jun '10 05:38hohokmissal
A few math problems3021 Jun '10 14:00clandarkfireSwlabr
Smullyan Logic Puzzles216 Jun '10 17:05r99pawn77forkedknight
Yet another number sequence.611 Jun '10 19:40forkedknightforkedknight
America Quiz2111 Jun '10 04:52wolfgang59pawnhandler
Where's the king?804 Jun '10 23:33FabianFnasSwissGambit
Second sequence604 Jun '10 16:25AgergFabianFnas
Simple sequence803 Jun '10 20:08AgergBanana King
world's oldest profession?24402 Jun '10 18:16Grampy Bobbytelecomladyj
Next number in the sequence:1629 May '10 19:44sonhouseAThousandYoung
Another series1029 May '10 01:38forkedknightBanana King
Who or what said this:1121 May '10 18:45sonhousesonhouse
Chess and dominoes II2417 May '10 23:19David113iamatiger
Riddles3517 May '10 20:00sloppybBanana King
Easy Puzzle814 May '10 11:44KewpieBanana King
Ulysses Chess Puzzle113 May '10 10:21mrbluetonemrbluetone
Slang3110 May '10 11:12AThousandYoungBanana King
What's missing?408 May '10 20:29AThousandYoungAThousandYoung
Oldie but Goodie1208 May '10 00:48clandarkfireluskin
Breasts, Normans, and the F Word1607 May '10 05:21AThousandYoungcoquette
Chess and dominoes403 May '10 23:13pulernAThousandYoung
Math1201 May '10 17:03clandarkfireAgerg
Bill Gates dynasty:328 Apr '10 01:56sonhousesonhouse
Adam and Eve623 Apr '10 17:11bellaluccaMrPhil
Two coins to make 25 pence1417 Apr '10 17:12phil3000geepamoogle
The Elevator1415 Apr '10 11:16AThousandYoungBanana King
The Window2813 Apr '10 19:58AThousandYoungBanana King
Hands are same length, what time is it?3113 Apr '10 10:30sonhouseiamatiger
Smoke and mirrors:311 Apr '10 23:01sonhousesonhouse
Large Truck1911 Apr '10 14:19sloppybsonhouse