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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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Math behind these numbers, chess 'rating':407 Mar '17 11:36sonhousesonhouse
Jack and Jill9606 Mar '17 19:19BongalloJoesonhouse
possible moves906 Mar '17 15:05yelrambobsonhouse
Geography Riddle3825 Feb '17 01:39wolfgang59wolfgang59
Bible questions721 Feb '17 00:42wolfgang59wolfgang59
Round Robin Bughouse Tournament126 Jan '17 06:39KnightStalker47KnightStalker47
Perfect Timing3923 Jan '17 02:10HandyAndyHandyAndy
Around the World1010 Jan '17 13:04BongalloJoeBongalloJoe
Five of a Kind1408 Jan '17 19:10HandyAndywolfgang59
Some Enchanted Evening707 Jan '17 09:47HandyAndyapathist
Done With Ease1205 Jan '17 20:59HandyAndylemon lime
Double Trouble1405 Jan '17 05:17HandyAndywolfgang59
Riddles10303 Jan '17 02:49BongalloJoejoya1999
The Circular Field1603 Jan '17 01:25Blood On The TracksParShooter
Thinker's Dozen2430 Dec '16 13:37HandyAndyvenda
Green Eyes9119 Dec '16 02:49BongalloJoeBongalloJoe
The skill of choose and buy of the floor412 Dec '16 22:26quangongziBongalloJoe
Albratez Soup9312 Dec '16 13:09BongalloJoeBongalloJoe
Monosyllabic807 Nov '16 23:57BongalloJoewolfgang59
Backwards Words3329 Oct '16 06:08BongalloJoeapathist
In the future equations3317 Oct '16 03:07vendaHandyAndy
Max time to finish phone call w/touch tones310 Oct '16 15:06sonhousesonhouse
high-stakes wager709 Sep '16 16:20apathistHandyAndy
Variation on the Monty Hall problem?906 Sep '16 14:28sonhousesonhouse
Code for Combinations403 Sep '16 01:08joe shmojoe shmo
Infinity518 Jul '16 17:26BongalloJoepineapple42
Tricky Questions1508 Jul '16 14:48wolfgang59Ponderable
Three word never ending story…3827 Jun '16 20:20BongalloJoeHandyAndy
Bread volume1002 Jun '16 03:42wolfgang59wolfgang59
Yet another (probability)3231 May '16 06:07wolfgang59lemon lime