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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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The Man and the Judge2107 Apr '10 20:53sloppybDer Bayer
My Nephew is a Clown506 Apr '10 21:08greenpawn34greenpawn34
Boy at the Carnival1105 Apr '10 23:28sloppybMontyMoose
I give up.705 Apr '10 17:35joe shmoforkedknight
Accelerating like a bat out of hell: simple stu...804 Apr '10 12:34sonhousesonhouse
Mortgage rate2002 Apr '10 07:29uzlessiamatiger
What is it?1431 Mar '10 12:26sloppybPalynka
Statements!!1625 Mar '10 20:44sloppybiamatiger
big words1125 Mar '10 00:06wolfgang59Thomaster
Who am I?1524 Mar '10 15:08AThousandYoungSnakemeat
Socks1924 Mar '10 05:01sloppybgeepamoogle
Problem of logic723 Mar '10 19:35japy104iamatiger
World's Hardest Riddle722 Mar '10 16:14sloppybforkedknight
Mars' Phobos out of control:1619 Mar '10 12:59sonhouseCampaigner
Oil Riddle719 Mar '10 00:07sloppybsloppyb
What Comes Next?1018 Mar '10 20:09sloppybiamatiger
What Has Happened Here?1518 Mar '10 09:39greenpawn34TheBloop
The Cowboy1918 Mar '10 04:37sloppybFabianFnas
One-card poker3717 Mar '10 09:47PBE6Palynka
Poser about origin of Luna:514 Mar '10 18:02sonhousesonhouse
Just for you math geeks312 Mar '10 19:21uzlessPBE6
Number sequence1009 Mar '10 01:03KazetNagorraiamatiger
More Kinematics1408 Mar '10 14:39joe shmojoe shmo
Prove this conjecture and win $100,000807 Mar '10 09:26smaiaFabianFnas
Some more power stuff406 Mar '10 10:41joe shmomtthw
Kinetic Energy Changes at fast speeds3504 Mar '10 21:17wolfgang59iamatiger
Personal number3503 Mar '10 10:39FabianFnasKazetNagorra
Fixed-Point Problem1324 Feb '10 18:10HandyAndyFelixMc
What Are Their Occupations523 Feb '10 16:22greenpawn34MrPhil
Anagram1322 Feb '10 01:18wolfgang59forkedknight