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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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Number sequence1009 Mar '10 01:03KazetNagorraiamatiger
More Kinematics1408 Mar '10 14:39joe shmojoe shmo
Prove this conjecture and win $100,000807 Mar '10 09:26smaiaFabianFnas
Some more power stuff406 Mar '10 10:41joe shmomtthw
Kinetic Energy Changes at fast speeds3504 Mar '10 21:17wolfgang59iamatiger
Personal number3503 Mar '10 10:39FabianFnasKazetNagorra
Fixed-Point Problem1324 Feb '10 18:10HandyAndyFelixMc
What Are Their Occupations523 Feb '10 16:22greenpawn34MrPhil
Anagram1322 Feb '10 01:18wolfgang59forkedknight
A guy in a not well lit room.6819 Feb '10 01:58sonhousesonhouse
Was Euler wrong?1616 Feb '10 22:48FabianFnasPalynka
24415 Feb '10 18:20japy104japy104
Another energy/thrust question:315 Feb '10 00:03sonhousesonhouse
Flags of the World412 Feb '10 11:01wolfgang59wolfgang59
The Ball Test1810 Feb '10 13:21uzlessPalynka
Power and Velocity II1909 Feb '10 21:29AThousandYoungAThousandYoung
Streaks1909 Feb '10 13:24NybesPalynka
Word association.108 Feb '10 21:38thecraigster6thecraigster6
3 letters13807 Feb '10 17:45wolfgang59BrianW68
poor pythagorus....2105 Feb '10 19:06uzlessTheMaster37
Power and Velocity2828 Jan '10 19:34AThousandYoungAThousandYoung
Engineering Project1128 Jan '10 16:05joe shmowolfgang59
Jumping force1827 Jan '10 12:49uzlesswolfgang59
Acceleration problem9925 Jan '10 18:06sonhouseAThousandYoung
imaginary i2420 Jan '10 15:04wormerPalynka
Linear algebra problem, can anyone help?1718 Jan '10 22:15Lord SharkPalynka
Nice problem - Pascal's triangle417 Jan '10 17:12David113TheMaster37
Nice math problem...1217 Jan '10 15:51David113KazetNagorra
rational sphere3416 Jan '10 12:32smaiaTheMaster37
ABC Word Play4514 Jan '10 12:47wolfgang59wolfgang59