1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    18 Jul '18 21:35

    "How disgraced anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield was embraced by Trump's America.
    Twenty years after his discredited paper linked autism to the MMR jab,
    the doctor – who was struck off the medical register in the UK – has
    become a leading light in the US and frighteningly influential worldwide."

    "There cannot be many doctors as thoroughly discredited and ostracised
    as Andrew Wakefield has been in the UK who are subsequently seen
    smiling at the inauguration ball of a US president and later discovered
    to be dating the Australian model Elle Macpherson.
    But there he is. Wakefield was all but drummed out of Britain."

    "Under an anti-establishment presidency, the anti-vaccine crusader, whose
    views appear to have become all the more entrenched by his drubbing
    at the hands of eminent scientists around the world, is back in the
    limelight and his new visibility could give his arguments even more currency."

    "This week, it became clear that Wakefield has been accepted by
    celebrity-smitten US society. Separated from Carmel, the wife who was
    staunchly at his side throughout the UK debacle, he is now dating
    Elle Macpherson, a supermodel with her own nutrition brand."

    "The scientific establishment has its work cut out. Wakefield and his
    supporters insist mainstream science is wrong and will not be persuaded otherwise.
    The conspiracy theories of the anti-vax movement are all over the internet.
    The apparent acceptance of Wakefield into the upper echelons of
    American society can only boost them further."