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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

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Taking rhp to a whole new level325 Jun '18 18:02BrrrBrrr
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Club tourneys starting from ANY position1402 May '18 18:44BigDoggProblemBigDoggProblem
change the smiley face skin color326 Apr '18 22:07uzlessuzless
Show who has rec'd the post3726 Apr '18 05:26uzlessSuzianne
How about a Dating or Pick up Forum1024 Apr '18 14:58Rajk999Suzianne
RHP iPhone/iOS Beta Feedback thread1024 Apr '18 08:22RussRuss
Post "RHP Hall of Fame"221 Apr '18 19:01uzlessmoonbus
Add 1-day timebank218 Apr '18 15:02erironRuss
Money to popular Thread starters1116 Apr '18 19:01uzlessGhost of a Duke
Visual indicator for wins/losses on Finished Ga...112 Apr '18 22:50caesar saladcaesar salad
Abolish the Blitz Micro-Site131 Mar '18 05:55BigDoggProblemBigDoggProblem
Add Chess960 To Blitz Micro-site231 Mar '18 05:54vivifyBigDoggProblem
Possibility to send ONE reminder in a welcome g...2228 Mar '18 10:22PonderablePonderable
Android App Beta Test626 Mar '18 12:57RussRuss
Add computer analysis post game419 Mar '18 07:05Marinkatombmoonbus
Search RHP threads with key words818 Mar '18 20:37vivify64squaresofpain
Last Page in Thread325 Feb '18 21:02Wajomamoonbus
Castling in chess 960920 Feb '18 12:11AbsentMindedPonderable
ENTER at subject line617 Feb '18 21:25Bob KramerBigDoggProblem
RHP ignoring the activities of sexual predators...514 Feb '18 01:08FMFBigDoggProblem
Insult Forum2107 Feb '18 21:11Very RustyVery Rusty