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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

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Phone App704 Nov '12 03:19richy17Kewpie
Open Invites402 Nov '12 14:17HikaruShindomwmiller
Entirely deleting a post301 Nov '12 12:12KewpieKewpie
Automatic ban2831 Oct '12 15:40Fat LadySuzianne
How About This Then?929 Oct '12 23:35avalanchethecatsimplewanderer
forum searches227 Oct '12 04:11KellyJaycoquette
Remove forum Troll button3322 Oct '12 23:39MarinkatombKingDavid403
Black site/white site322 Oct '12 20:34martin williamsSwissGambit
Thumbs up and down420 Oct '12 07:14ChessPraxisSwissGambit
Help for clan leaders318 Oct '12 12:33vendaPonderable
Automatic timeouts2616 Oct '12 12:56KewpieKingDavid403
Award Tourney to Correct Winner...1211 Oct '12 21:56RevRSleekerKewpie
Holidays, timebanks and losing games on time1611 Oct '12 20:35iamatigeriamatiger
Offer a game analysis service.410 Oct '12 20:29vivifyvivify
Issued challenges429 Sep '12 22:44vendaRevRSleeker
A thumb on tick?129 Sep '12 01:19karoly aczelkaroly aczel
thumbs down should have ..129 Sep '12 01:01karoly aczelkaroly aczel
Game Likes228 Sep '12 10:30MarinkatombMarinkatomb
Vacations1623 Sep '12 21:42coquetteTrev33
Android app games list - ability to see games w...523 Sep '12 19:47half cut herogezza
claim victory rather than time-out522 Sep '12 21:21torbreckketchuplover
Display last few moves in algebraic notation be...822 Sep '12 17:54trumbull2400trumbull2400
Show a player's time zone118 Sep '12 20:39kwgoodwinkwgoodwin
Flog More Flag Time...1217 Sep '12 18:24RevRSleekervenda
Clan league revolution1915 Sep '12 18:11SwissGambitpadger
Piece just moved square color.915 Sep '12 03:28ChessPraxiscoquette
Play over games314 Sep '12 15:41AldanSwissGambit
Bitchin forum713 Sep '12 13:37robbie carrobiePonderable
Don't like 21 day per move games610 Sep '12 23:43stevemccVery Rusty
Humor forum310 Sep '12 23:41whodeyVery Rusty