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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

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Site withdrawl without notice310 Sep '12 23:40YEAH BOYVery Rusty
Automatic timeout in Ladder games406 Sep '12 13:40SurtismRevRSleeker
Games Explorer1803 Sep '12 23:11cadwahRBHILL
Fast games1831 Aug '12 14:07OutbackSwissGambit
Live Forum631 Aug '12 01:21abejnoodmwmiller
2nd place finishers230 Aug '12 15:24bob58Steve45
PGN viewer debugging629 Aug '12 23:46SwissGambitgreenpawn34
Impatient for clan stats change129 Aug '12 15:42Steve45Steve45
vote on recommendation vs. thumbs921 Aug '12 15:10PonderablePhlabibit
Map of all opponents518 Aug '12 13:34DumbomShallow Blue
Analyze board615 Aug '12 02:29blueimannSwissGambit
Searches414 Aug '12 14:11patrickrutgerspatrickrutgers
Wins Vs losses213 Aug '12 22:30colinwbsvenda
the ancient smiley problem1213 Aug '12 18:23PonderableVartiovuori
Tie Breaker Initiative608 Aug '12 03:29CamelClutchAttilaTheHorn
Where are my updates?207 Aug '12 20:59Russptriple42
Add Delete Option to Forum Posts1207 Aug '12 13:35JS357SwissGambit
Vacations and the leagues504 Aug '12 22:38vendavenda
order of threads1104 Aug '12 13:17coquetteSwissGambit
Open invites for two game matches??323 Jul '12 04:02DumbomDumbom
how many thumbs?1622 Jul '12 22:39karoly aczelkaroly aczel
Game Loss Due to Timeout Statistics220 Jul '12 14:17Cois5venda
Delete my own post820 Jul '12 06:23KewpieKewpie
If every member were a subscriber...419 Jul '12 18:48ketchuploveravalanchethecat
iPad/tablet touch events incoming118 Jul '12 15:52RussRuss
4 man clan league change request515 Jul '12 12:50SacTheKingSwiss Toni
Twitterize the Forums?1813 Jul '12 16:44avalanchethecatavalanchethecat
new sub only feature309 Jul '12 03:37gezzagezza
Set up your own board for club tournaments209 Jul '12 02:49LEURraiox Ad Makes site occasionally unusable308 Jul '12 23:59UmbrageOfSnowKewpie