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  1. SubscriberRuss
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    RHP HQ
    21 Feb '01
    19 Mar '19 10:16
    Please see site announcements for more details.

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  2. SubscriberSuzianne
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    Isle of Misfit Toys
    08 Aug '03
    20 Mar '19 09:551 edit
    Russ, there seems to be a question about your Vote Question #1.

    Vote Question #1 is this: "A clan can currently issue a challenge with one member. What do you believe it should be in the future?" and "Preferred MINIMUM clan members before a challenge can be made?"

    Is this question referring to the minimum number of members a clan must have to be ELIGIBLE to make challenges, or is it referring to the minimum number of members a clan must involve in EACH challenge?

    In other words, say the minimum was raised from 1 to 3. Would this mean that clans must have at least 3 members before they can be ELIGIBLE to issue challenges, or does this mean that clans must involve at least 3 clan members in EVERY challenge?

    I've asked for this clarification in both threads, in the Announcements Forum and in the Clans Forum. I'm hoping you'll see this if I post it in the Site Ideas Forum.