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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 03 Jul '09 12:43
    hi, is there any way to get to the end of a thread real quickly? some of the threads are huge and only the first twenty or so pages are displayed and i find that its a little inconvenient to go through them all one by one. if there was a mechanism whereby one could navigate through the post one by one, but also go immediately to the beginning or end that would be real helpful, perhaps another little icon like this, wher |< has the property to go to the beginning and >| the property of going to the end

    |< < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10..........20 > >|

    kind regards Robbie.
  2. Standard member John of Reading
    Scotch addict
    03 Jul '09 12:50
    Click on the "Last post" date instead of clicking the thread title. Then you see the last page.
  3. 03 Jul '09 13:00
    ok thanks, but don't you think its a cool idea?