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Billions Become New Jerusalem6404 Nov '17 07:37sonshipsonship
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Atheist morals14131 Oct '17 15:32whodeyapathist
Christianity without the Bible6430 Oct '17 15:31VelnsFMF
Namshab of Enki1729 Oct '17 13:31Christopher AlbonChristopher Albon
Job vs karma9526 Oct '17 16:29RBHILLapathist
thou shalt surely die6324 Oct '17 14:58KellyJayKellyJay
The depravity of man11123 Oct '17 11:17dj2beckerGhost of a Duke
The evolution of morality8023 Oct '17 10:41dj2beckerwolfgang59
Biblical literalists and literalisms36923 Oct '17 00:32divegeesterFMF
subjective science86622 Oct '17 19:28dj2beckerKellyJay
"Proof of God"12522 Oct '17 16:50XYYZapathist
Catholic understanding.1022 Oct '17 03:14wolfgang59Suzianne
There is a difference between.6521 Oct '17 17:10KellyJayKellyJay