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Intelligence is uncoupling from consciousness504 Oct '17 04:00FMFkaroly aczel
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The Bible, part 31503 Oct '17 04:24chaney3RBHILL
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Seashells at the top of Mt. Everest8628 Sep '17 05:42RBHILLFabianFnas
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the insanity of faith26527 Sep '17 11:34apathistblack beetle
Chromosomes support Creation?9027 Sep '17 07:30EladarFabianFnas
Christians who love guns12827 Sep '17 04:26BigDoggProblemBigDoggProblem
what is love12026 Sep '17 18:16apathistdj2becker
Do angels have a navel?2225 Sep '17 21:51whodeyFabianFnas
Monogamy14025 Sep '17 03:18dj2beckerdj2becker
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Women needlessly killed in the bible3122 Sep '17 21:23vivifysonship
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Is there a Sinful lifestyle?20520 Sep '17 02:25EladarKellyJay
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