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Confessionals715 Aug '17 22:19karoly aczelkaroly aczel
the atheist experience4715 Aug '17 19:26apathistsonhouse
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Did Jesus exist?2114 Aug '17 04:46chaney3divegeester
Is hell eternal?8814 Aug '17 03:31RBHILLKellyJay
atheism vs thesm debate113 Aug '17 00:23apathistapathist
Beware of those ask trick questions....812 Aug '17 12:30mchillsonhouse
faith312 Aug '17 00:09apathistapathist
closer to the truth7211 Aug '17 13:22apathistFabianFnas
Religion doesn't cause harm111 Aug '17 08:22apathistapathist
Religion? Laugh about it.111 Aug '17 08:03apathistapathist
Who created Divegeester?5410 Aug '17 07:15whodeydivegeester
God created sinners1109 Aug '17 09:27chaney3divegeester
miracles4809 Aug '17 00:54apathistapathist
right and wrong809 Aug '17 00:21apathistapathist
God's Choice1108 Aug '17 21:58Eladarchaney3
The great sign Sept 23 20171407 Aug '17 22:29RemovedRajk999
Jesus the bigot12407 Aug '17 20:36EladarEladar
Affirmative Action10007 Aug '17 16:28FMFFMF
crown of thoughts2907 Aug '17 08:17Removeddivegeester
Lucifer2306 Aug '17 06:17divegeesterdivegeester
God's sovereign election8405 Aug '17 08:42RBHILLFMF
Bible story totally false:5405 Aug '17 00:04sonhouseKellyJay
Thought game who dies8004 Aug '17 22:40Eladarapathist
Religions put down the mind of mankind.11104 Aug '17 16:45sonhousesonhouse
Trinity Sunday1504 Aug '17 09:29chaney3Suzianne
Who created evil?27903 Aug '17 19:42divegeesterdj2becker
We're territorial1902 Aug '17 16:10FMFwhodey
Bible and Unconditional Love8202 Aug '17 15:44EladarEladar