1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    09 Jun '16 20:16

    "Desmond Tutu's Daughter: 'Painful' to give up ministry after marrying woman"
    --Harriet Sherwood (9 June 2016)

    In December 2015, Mpho Tutu (daughter of South Africa's former Archbishop
    Desmond Tutu, who won a Nobel Peace Prize), a black South African
    Anglican priest, married Marceline van Furth, a white Dutch atheist academic.
    Given that the Anglican Church does not recognize same-sex marriage,
    Mpho Tutu has been compelled to quit her vocation as a priest.

    The couple first met in South Africa in 2011, when Mpho Tutu was still
    married to a man. They gradually became more intimate after she went
    to study in the Netherlands. Mpho Tutu realized that she's bisexual.

    "It was a matter of realizing I was in love. If I have to wear a label, and if it makes
    a difference to wear a label, then maybe I'm willing to wear the label of bisexual."
    --Mpho Tutu

    At this time, they continue to live in different hemispheres, far apart.
    In an interview with the BBC, speaking about having to give up her vocation,
    Mpho Tutu's advice to others was 'Always choose love', ahead of everything else.

    Should the Anglican Church allow Mpho Tutu keep working as a priest?
    Would you have made the same choice if you had been in her situation?