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How good are Spurs?414 May '17 08:08Larkieroma45
Tom Brady is Satan incarnate2107 May '17 00:32whodeyTom Wolsey
143rd Kentucky Derby206 May '17 23:06SuzianneSuzianne
Manchester City vs. Manchester United230 Apr '17 13:30vandervelderoma45
Aussie cricket woes20321 Apr '17 22:52Blood On The TracksBlood On The Tracks
Race and sports909 Mar '17 15:58chaney3John Osmar
GSP vs Michael Bisping, Fight is set105 Mar '17 00:52VESPINVESPIN
Greatest Fighter GSP is back to face Bisping at...505 Mar '17 00:44VESPINVESPIN
RIP Dan Vickerman327 Feb '17 02:34pawnpawkaroly aczel
India take 8 for 8 in 3rd T20 v England1420 Feb '17 09:09robbie carrobiepawnpaw
Tennis - case 1 and 2107 Feb '17 14:26vanderveldevandervelde
has a grandmaster ever been a world class athle...1107 Feb '17 14:22lemondropvandervelde
More News On Rhonda making her less likeable105 Feb '17 20:10VESPINVESPIN
Goldberg Fired with No reason or Cause, MMAWeek...124 Jan '17 07:48VESPINVESPIN
Rhonda Proves she was no fighter2021 Jan '17 05:42VESPINVESPIN
Rhonda and 7 Fighters then and 24 woman fighter...320 Jan '17 05:13VESPINVESPIN
NFL1613 Jan '17 16:47RBHILLwhodey
world's best athletes5607 Jan '17 04:37lemondropkaroly aczel
Walter Swinburne214 Dec '16 10:11Steve45roma45
El Classico408 Dec '16 18:20vanderveldestellspalfie
Acting like the "bottom"602 Dec '16 20:58mchillJohn Osmar
Chapecoense130 Nov '16 14:06Helder OctavioHelder Octavio
Andy Murray1926 Nov '16 21:51roma45karoly aczel
Daniel Cormier Pulls out of UFC 206, Injured125 Nov '16 23:01VESPINVESPIN
Russian Fighter waits to be New King in MMA124 Nov '16 10:04VESPINVESPIN
Hey Hey, HOLY COW, CUBS WIN1618 Nov '16 17:02KellyJaywhodey
UFC 205 at Madison Garden Breaks All Records114 Nov '16 03:25VESPINVESPIN
UFC 205 taking place at Madison Square Garden11313 Nov '16 09:05VESPINVESPIN
UFC Fight Night 98, Saturday November 5th, Free...104 Nov '16 20:23VESPINVESPIN
UFC 205 is one of the Best Night of Fights in U...129 Oct '16 15:54VESPINVESPIN