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Sports Forum

  1. 11 Sep '07 06:39
    Hell, anybody like hockey for that matter? I won't discriminate if you like, say, the Maple Leafs or (ugh) the Lightning.
  2. 11 Sep '07 07:36
    What, ice hockey
  3. 11 Sep '07 07:46
  4. Standard member uzless
    The So Fist
    11 Sep '07 14:25
    Originally posted by Anthony
    What, ice hockey
    Ok rest of the world. It's not ice hockey. It's just Hockey. There is no need to put ICE in front of hockey. Everyone knows what you mean when you just say hockey.

    If you're talking Field hockey then you say Field hockey. But ice hockey is just hockey

    Go Habs Go.....but the Thrashers are def a good team too.
  5. 09 Oct '07 03:54
    what, ice hockey? That's what the Thrashers play? Well slap me on the butt and cook me corn, I's wundrin' what that white stuff down thar wuz *hur* *hur* We don't like none a that yankee stuff down here in Georgia now, dang ol' carpetbaggin', talkin' 'bout some damn forechecking in the neutral zone is what it is, tell ya what.