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Sports Forum

  1. 19 May '07 12:56
    Originally posted by dottewell
    I don't think baseball is a game for girls.

    I do think it's a game for simpletons, with all the artistry of a varnished turd in a shoebox.
    Have you seen the Reds play? Apparently not. Having seen them play I have concluded it is both a game for simpletons and for girls.
  2. 19 May '07 18:20
    Why do all American sports require the wearing of helmets..?

    American Football
    Ice Hockey

    It's not as if there's any brain cells to protect.
  3. Standard member monster truck
    Walleye Guy
    20 May '07 16:16
    Originally posted by darvlay
    There were a few good hits in the rugby vid, but the football clip is downright insane!!! Thanks darv.
  4. 20 May '07 16:51
  5. 20 May '07 16:51