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Sports Forum

  1. 12 Oct '08 15:52
    when a footballer says"your insulting me offering £ 50,000 a week"and then leaves to get more money from a teams main rival does,nt demand much respect from me, he got what he deserves on sat night . what do you think?
  2. 12 Oct '08 15:53
    He still needs to be encouraged by his own fans
  3. 12 Oct '08 15:54
    Yes ok I'm a Chelsea supporter
    But the point is still valid
  4. 13 Oct '08 01:10
    A dreadful error, but not worthy of such abuse.

    I heard that he was responding to a call from Ferdinand as to where to place it. Trouble was Ferdinand hadn´t not checked the danger.
  5. 13 Oct '08 01:23
    Disgraceful. A player makes a mistake on the pitch and thats how they react, beuts the lot of them. I think Ashley Cole is a grade a bellend but when your players are on the pitch, playing in your colours then you get behind them 110% no matter wot.
  6. 13 Oct '08 12:16
  7. 13 Oct '08 12:18
    A message that was sent privately:

    "He's a twt ------- Yes
    But he's still an England player and therefore England fans shouldn't boo.
    He is still human
    I think"