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Sports Forum

  1. Subscriber no1marauder
    It's Nice to Be Nice
    30 Nov '07 16:02
    Did anyone watch this massacre???
  2. Standard member nmdavidb
    I Drank What? ©
    30 Nov '07 16:08
    Originally posted by no1marauder
    Did anyone watch this massacre???
    Saw the highlights on sportscenter last night...Thomas just sat there on the bench looking pretty sad.

    The Knicks had officially turned into a crap team a few years ago...and now they have even surpassed that.

    Talk about self destruction!

  3. Standard member Phlabibit
    Mystic Meg
    30 Nov '07 16:44
    Originally posted by no1marauder
    Did anyone watch this massacre???
    Was it a Knicks player who just recently said something about the Celtics being a 3 man team and THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN?

    Someone was talking smack.

  4. 30 Nov '07 20:20
    Yeah I watched most of the game. How have the Knicks managed to win 4 games this year?

    On the flip side the Celtics have impressed me all season. Their only two losses were on the road to Cleveland and Orlando. Both good teams. The Cleveland game went to overtime and Orlando they lost in the final seconds by a basket. At home the Celtics have been lights out.
  5. Standard member Sydrian
    The Truth
    30 Nov '07 20:56
    As much as I'd love to say the Celtics destroyed the Knicks... Lets be honest.... the Knicks destroyed themselves in that one.... absolutely embarrassing.