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  1. 01 Dec '06 22:06
    Has political correctness taken away some of the characters in sport?
    Managers and players are so scared of being perceived as racists/bigots/fascists etc that it would appear that they've lost the ability to be honest about things.

    Sport is entertainment isn't it?

    The best interviews are always with people who have opinions, and aren't afraid to express them.
    These are the characters that people warm to, that make sport (and I'm really talking football) interesting.
    They provide the discussion topics in pubs and at work.

    Look at Alan Pardew with his fist in the air celebration... listen to Neil Warnock's post match interview after beating Watford recently... remember Kevin Keegan's rant a few years ago when NUFC were gunning for the title... Big Ron's comments (everyone knows he's not a racsist, although the Desailly issue was pretty base I must admit!)

    What makes these people interesting (whether you love or hate them) is that it's obvious they're passionate about what they do... there's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve... and if these men are prepared to show and see what they feel, it also means that they're there to be shot down (which they frequently are)... but for Christ's sake, at least admire them for having the guts to express their opinions.

    The world in general is becoming a very sterile environment, sport has always been about passion (and skill), but increasingly this seems to be in decline..... leave the characters alone - they're good entertainment!

    Rant over.
  2. Standard member Palynka
    Upward Spiral
    01 Dec '06 22:20
    Another reason why Mourinho is God's blessing to football.
  3. 01 Dec '06 22:23
    Originally posted by Palynka
    Another reason why Mourinho is God's blessing to football.
    I know you're a big fan so will forgive your slightly biased view Pal...

    However, I do agree that Mourinho is a character - but more in a 'wind up' kind of way... when he slid on his knees to celebrate it seemed (to me anyway) to be to annoy, rather than an unrehearsed bout of enthusiasm.