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    What's the appeal for fans to watch chess and boxing? When did it start ? Is anyone on this website a boxer and chess player ?
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    it depends on what you mean by a boxer and a chess player. I am a solid 1100's to 1200 in rating players. No better. Most would say I am not any good with a rating like that. As for boxing? I have been into boxing since I was a kid. Watched all the fights with my father. Then the UFC started and the appeal for this is, it's the closest thing to a street fight you can get. The difference of course is the fighters in the UFC, are professionals and many have been in the Olympics for Karate, Wrestling, Judo, and many other martial arts that are allowed in the Olympics, and World champions. Oh, and the most important of course is Jiu-Jitsu (Brazilian).

    These fighters are versed in all of them which is why it is called Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. For me, due to what my dad taught me growing up, then living in area's like ghetto's, and then realizing I needed proper training and joined a mixed martial arts gym. Did all this since I was a kid. Up until less then a year ago, i was still practicing, and learning, and playing chess, and I love to watch both. I love watching boxing and Mixed martial arts, and I love watching chess. It is a lot of fun to watch brilliant minds at work on the chess board. So to answer your question, yes there are a lot of people like me. They play chess, although I am sure much better, and also love combat sports, playing and watching. Hope this helps. I have no idea why it says apology under my screen name. I'm not great at using the forum. As you can see.
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    White jabs at the midsection with pawns. Black parries them with a knight or two. A flurry of long range punches takes out half the bishops; white rooks move in for body blows, and the king is on the ropes. Black feints with a pawn, and a haymaker from the queen puts white on the canvas.
    Meanwhile, in the boxing ring, while pausing to consider his next move, the challenger has his clock punched, and the champ says, "G'day, mate".
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    Are you talking about chess boxing?

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