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    28 Oct '05
    22 May '10 05:02
    Send me an e-mail at fmfrhp@yahoo.com (and PM me too if you want) and I will send you an Excel spreadsheet.

    The game system for REDHOTPAWN WORLD CUP 2010 entails predicting the entire progress of the tournament before it starts. That's all. No daily predictions. Just sit back and see how it all unfolds.

    You will place one bet on each of the 32 teams and you will have 320 credits, all of which must be used, to do so.

    With your bet you will be predicting each team's performance and fate in the tournament. You will have the following choices:

    Eliminated at the Group Stage,
    Knocked out in the Round of 16,
    Losing Q-Finalist,

    The more off target your prediction the smaller the Multiplier for your bet.

    The winner will be the player with the most credits at the end of the tournament.

    The spreadsheet will automate everything for the most part.

    Just fill in the BETTING MATRIX and send it to fmfrhp@yahoo.com

    Shortly before the tournament starts the REDHOT PAWN WORLD CUP HQ will send a compendium of all players' predictions to all players.