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  1. Standard member Tirau Dan
    Enjoying Life
    03 Feb '12 22:48
    Second half of the season under way. Transfer window closed, big spends done.
    Pompey still haven't paid up. Is there anyone Leicester didn't try to buy?
    Have the Hammers bought enough to hold survive at the top.. will Maynard do it for them?
    Will Tadanari Lee from Japan make a dent on English football for the Land of the Rising Sun
    or will Billy Sharp and Rickie Lambert hog the limelight at Saints?
    Is there time for an upper mid table team to charge into the play offs?
    Who's going down this year?
    I'm for Saints to romp home Champions with Birmingham close at hand...
    crunch game Sat UK time for them Saints away form not great but Billy Sharp should have his first start
    for Saints and Portuguese Jose Fonte is back on form in the centre backs.
    One thing for sure; after watching Brighton pass the ball around a static Newcastle
    I think a few of the teams in the Championship would hold their own in the prem quite nicely.
    Brighton were not at their best by far that day.
    Anyway.. who do you support and how do you think they going?
  2. 04 Feb '12 02:26 / 1 edit
    All I can say is, your house looks feckin amazing. I want it.

    EDIT: PS nice photos!!!
  3. Standard member Tirau Dan
    Enjoying Life
    14 Feb '12 22:48
  4. Standard member Virtue76
    King of the Ring-er
    15 Feb '12 14:11
    Reading for the Playoffs!
  5. Standard member Tirau Dan
    Enjoying Life
    18 Feb '12 20:47
    Originally posted by Virtue76
    Reading for the Playoffs!
    I would love that.. Less travel for the locals in the south has to be good.
    Saints put Derby to the sword 4-0 with Tadanari Lee getting his first English goal, Aaron Martin getting his first league goal, Adam Lallana scoring and confirming his best in league status.. and The Hoover again scoring from a corner.
    Saints and Brum for Auto..

    Pompey only got 10pts deducted after second admin, not paying tax, not paying wages, consistently buying players they cannot afford and have no hope of paying for.

    Quote from Barnsley Manager (after beating pompey) :When asked if had any sympathy for Portsmouth, Hill said: "None whatsoever, absolutely none. Because they've spent money they can't afford. They've recruited players at the beginning of the season knowing full well they were still in debt from the previous time they were still in administration. "They've recruited players that I could not afford to recruit, and they are paying the type of wages that I could only dream about paying. "So how can I have sympathy for any football club who is competitive against me in a league where I have got not the same rich rewards?
  6. Standard member Tirau Dan
    Enjoying Life
    16 Mar '12 04:33
    Originally posted by Virtue76
    Reading for the Playoffs!
    Looking more and more possible for Reading and Saints in the autos!! Would laugh if Brighton then won the play offs and wet spam dipped out.. It would serve wet sam allardyce right for the disrespect he showed his own team and for loaning out players to opposition teams...
  7. 16 Mar '12 13:53
    its looking like we might of ran out of legs but my fingers crossed hard for the boro to put some results together and get an auto spot, very unlikely though. ive got a feeling west ham are going to miss out in the play offs. my money is on southampton and reading auto's and boro in the playoffs......c'mon boro!!!!