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    Originally posted by darvlay
    Doctor Rat probably ended his life last night in a flood of tears and lost hope. Do we have an emergency contact or next of kin we should get a hold of?

    I haven't been able to cry yet, but the release will come, likely at an awkward moment. Maybe while at the counter purchasing my Lottery ticket I will suddenly choke on the words "...with power play, please." Maybe as I drop my Panda Express tray and see my rice, orange chicken and mixed vegetables scatter like so many crushed hopes upon the cold uncaring floor of the food court. Maybe as I stand braced against the chill February winds contemplating a mis-delivered TV Guide in my otherwise empty mailbox on another grey soulless day. Maybe then I will mourn.

    The Dream Is Dead
    (r.i.p. New England Patriots, 18-1, September 9, 2007 - February 3, 2008)