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Sports Forum

  1. 28 Jun '07 16:48
    .............that boy could run all day
  2. 28 Jun '07 16:56
    Am I supposed to laugh?
  3. 28 Jun '07 17:01
    never do anything you don't want to do miss. God forbid you crack your face through laughing. Don't take everything so seriously or you'll end up very lonely. They shoulda had a words of wisdom forum as i'd like to help you look for your personality. Where and when did you lose it my love?
  4. 28 Jun '07 18:08
    I lost it in the basement somewhere.
  5. Standard member Frank Burns
    Great Big Stees
    28 Jun '07 19:26
    Originally posted by steponup
    .............that boy could run all day
    Bulcrap! Rosie O'Donnell is. Smarten up!