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    Mr. Shield
    02 Sep '04
    08 Jul '07 06:59
    We're almost at the halfway point, and it looks like the AL it poised (so far) to have an easy win at the world series. It's just a matter of which of the many teams in contention will stay healthy and keep winning.

    Been a good season for records as well, Sammy hitting his 600th, Thomas hitting his 500th, Biggio getting his 3000th hit, and Hoffman saving his 500th game. And Bonds eventually breaking the homerun record.

    And, my favorite, the Yankees playing terrible ball and having to run and get Clemens back 😛. Although he is pitching well and in all likely hood they'll probably win the wildcard. Or they'll buy the entire Red Sox organization and proclaim they're once again best in the east.

    I'm hoping the Brewers keep it together and find a way to squeak into the playoffs. They don't have a chance of course, but it would help them get some air time and hopefully draw some talent there. They're getting better, but still have some pieces to fill (another solid starter and someone to replace Turnbow, to start).

    Anyone care to take a guess at where Mark Buerhle (sp?) will end up? Doesn't look like the W-sox are going to keep him. Any other possible big trades that might make teams have a better chance at reaching October?