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    Below is an article from Pena who just lost to Valentina Shevchenko in what many think was an upset. But the news is not surprising in what Pena had to say about Rhonda

    Julianna Pena is currently reeling after her loss to Valentina Shevchenko at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on FOX 23, but before they fought, the women's bantamweight challenger decided to make some interesting claims regarding Ronda Rousey's sparring partners in the lead up to her fight with Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

    Pena was a guest on the "UFC Unfiltered" podcast last week, and during the interview, she claimed that Rousey's sparring partners weren't allowed to hit her in the face. Allegedly, they were also threatened with lawsuits if they ever talked about the sessions publicly.

    "So, it's like whenever the girls would go hard on her, whenever they'd come forward and start banging it out on her, they'd tell them, 'Hey. Knock it off. Stop it. Don't hit her so hard and then sign this waiver and say that you were never here and that you never punched her. Don't ever talk about how well you did in training and stuff like that because you have to sign this dotted line or else we'll sue you for a million dollars,'" Pena said.

    Well, it seems somebody did disclose the private sessions to Pena. And since there's no love lost between Pena and Rousey, she decided to voice her claims to the MMA community about what she believes to have happened behind the scenes.

    Rousey's sparring sessions have already been called into question after it was made clear that she was hugely underprepared to take Nunes' punches in their fight. Rousey's camp might have wanted to avoid sparring since it could lead to injuries before a fight, but many fight fans think that was a huge mistake.

    A number of pundits have also noted that the lack of sparring might have led to her downfall as she appeared to be far from fight-ready.

    Meanwhile, Rousey still hasn't revealed her plans for the future, but she still has a lot of supporters who continue to believe she can make a comeback despite suffering back-to-back losses.