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  1. 07 May '08 22:06
    Is anyone here playing this game on It is quite fun and I am not doing too shabby. experts have 555 points so far and are ranked 3,200+ and I have 542 points and am ranked like 4,500+ so only 13 points separate 1000+ players and I have outscored experts in every round except for the first and that's cause I started playing late and didn't get to pick anyone in the first 2 picks. The leader has around 716 points so I'm only about 170 points from the leader and I have quite a bit of an advantage over them cause they've picked ALL Superstars so far whereas I've only picked role players and superstars on teams who didn't win their series.
  2. 14 May '08 11:33
    And I am now ranked 891 and I even missed the first 2 games cause I forgot about the game. Just imagine if I had been able to use those two picks, I would have used Chris Bosh and Antwan Jamison but instead I missed out on using both players.
  3. 15 May '08 23:42
    Awesome! You win!