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    26 Dec '07
    04 Oct '10 17:46
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    07 Jan '08
    04 Oct '10 19:58
    Gotta look at KC too - even more so, considering no one on the planet would possibly see them coming out of the gate undefeated. Jets are not really a surprise at all.
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    After that first game, the sports pundits (Mike Francesa especially comes to mind) seemed to be having a lot of fun deriding Rex Ryan's hubris. The Jets offense was a joke. Getting rid of Jones and Faneca were huge mistakes. The Patriots and Dolphins were going to send the Jets to 0-3 and their season to an early exit -- well let's just say, there is a lot of egg on many a face.

    And all of this without Revis in the lineup the past two weeks.

    But in the interests of avoiding the need to remove an omelet from your own hair in a future week - it might be wise now to keep the glee to a minimum. So far, this season seems to be all about "any given Sunday" all across the NFL -- lets see where the Jets stand at the beginning of January.
  4. SubscriberScotty70
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    27 Apr '07
    04 Oct '10 22:55
    There is something definitely different about this team. For the first time in a long time, I didn't panic when the other team (Bills) marched down the field for a quick TD after a defensive breakdown. I knew the Jets had it in hand.
    I feel good about next weeks game against the Vikes, especially after getting Revis back.
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    30 Sep '08
    04 Oct '10 23:34
    I think the Jets are for real! No other team seems to show the grit they've shown under pressure, especially after the tarring and feathering they endured at the hands of the nasty NYC press!
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    09 Jan '06
    06 Oct '10 01:07
    ravens are the class of the afc.
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    06 Oct '10 01:47
    Originally posted by honus
    ravens are the class of the afc.
    Nah! Class bullies, maybe. They won a gimme game and would have lost against a real QB. They are on the rise, I do admit, but are a couple of building blocks away from being real contenders. Who knows. There have been lesser teams reach the playoffs and end up winning it all. Most definitely a dark horse!
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