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Sports Forum

  1. 22 May '11 20:06
    Who is he and will Chelsea ever find him?
  2. 22 May '11 20:34
    Originally posted by jimslyp69
    Who is he and will Chelsea ever find him?
    van Gaal, but he wouldn't tolerate Abramovichs, interference!
  3. Standard member Virtue76
    King of the Ring-er
    23 May '11 09:32
    Manchester United have him already.
  4. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    23 May '11 10:49
    For Chelski? The perfect manager is anybody who wins
    a trophy per season, be it Jacob Zuma, Humpty Dumpty
    or Phil Jackson.
  5. 23 May '11 11:39
    humpty dumpty gets my vote
  6. 23 May '11 16:50
    Guus Hiddink
  7. 24 May '11 10:54
    Originally posted by Sake
    Guus Hiddink
    Wot, agin? Granted, he did well.

    How about Redknapp? Going from Spurs to Chelsea, that'll delight Arsenal fans