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  1. Subscriber VESPIN
    All For Fun
    19 Jan '17 03:48
    These are the fighters Rhonda has fought. Holly Holm and Nunes she lost to, which were her last two fights. Holy Holm was the first "Real" fighter and she got crushed. Nunes showed, Rhonda can never be anything but a stepping stone now. There are 7 names in this list. You are not even considered the best in your town with that little amount of fights. Now there are 24 fighters and more on their way. I would say 4 times as many is a big difference in one year. There was two fighters, average at best in this list. Tate would be one. Then you have McMann who won a silver medal in wrestling. She lost due to size. She was far to small for Rhonda. Rhonda when she won her bronze medal for Judo weighed 157 pounds. Walking around weight most likely 165 or more. McMann was tiny compared to Rhonda. And McMann, unless I am confusing her with Carmouche, she took Rhonda's back, sunk in a choke, turned into a neck and jaw crank but could not hold on.

    Size is what determined that fight. Not skill. Take a look at this list and someone explain to me how she is one of the best fighters to ever live? Holm crushed her, and then Tate, well, I think age and being burned out finally got to her, and Nunes crushed her. Anyone wanting to see a "real" womans fighter just look at Nunes.

    Shevchenko and Pena are two more we can add to Holm and Nunes that Rhonda can not beat. Pena will be the best chance at taking the belt. Shevchenko has a great shot as she also beat Holly Holm. These two fight next, then the winner will fight for the title.

    1.Meisha Tate (average)
    2.Sarah Kaufman (not a fighter)
    3.Liz Carmouche (tough, but not a fighter)
    4.Sara McMann (Silver medal in wrestling), just to small
    5.Alexis Davis (has size, but less then average fighter)
    6.Cat Zingano (has size, tough, just not a real fighter)
    7.Bethe Corriea (not a fighter at all, tough, can punch due to size but has no foot work, and is robotic and slow as hell. ) Hence, easy knockout.

    This is Rhonda's resume. Soon as she fought Holly, she was knocked out.

    Fought Nunes, the best fighter in my humble opinion and again, knocked out. Or TKO as we say.

    Now, take a look at the division as it is now! She had six people when she started at most, then seven total in the division. People who follow the fight game knew soon as she fought a woman who has been fighting most of her life, Rhonda would get killed. And that is exactly how it happened. I never follow any hype train although it is fun. They now have 24 woman fighter

    Connor is smart. He is cashing in as much as he can, even trade marking his name. He needs to do this. Because there is a guy waiting to fight him, and connor as much as I hate to say it, is going to get killed. The guys name is Khabib.
  2. Standard member vivify
    19 Jan '17 18:46
    Miesha Tate, who beat Holly Holm right after the Rousey fight, lost to Rhonda twice. Do we say Miesha isn't a "real" fighter?
  3. Subscriber VESPIN
    All For Fun
    20 Jan '17 05:13
    Originally posted by vivify
    Miesha Tate, who beat Holly Holm right after the Rousey fight, lost to Rhonda twice. Do we say Miesha isn't a "real" fighter?
    Great Point. No. She is a real fighter. I agree. But after thinking, I put her into the category of slightly above average.

    Remember one thing though. Tate was losing on every single card and would have lost every round. Holy made a mental error, and Meisha took her back.

    But Meisha is not in the same galaxy as a fighter as Holm. Would you put Buster Douglass in the category of Mike Tyson?

    I get your point, and I agree with you completely.