1. SubscriberVESPIN
    All For Fun
    United States
    03 Jun '09
    20 Oct '16 21:50
    I don't think Rhonda needs any introduction. However, she will need a lot of help to win this fight. The landscape of the division has changed completely since she last held the belt.

    Right now, you have Nunes (champion), Holly Holm, Pena, Valentina Shevchenko who beat Holly Holm, and Tate all now stand in her way. That division is a killers row. Rhonda changed the way we look at mma, and she changed it for woman around the world. Woman fighters everywhere can thank her for their career.

    But Rhonda will never hold the belt again. She just does not have enough tools to beat these woman who are evolving with the sport at a very high rate. But this will be one of the biggest fights in the history of the ufc or combat sports. Second to maybe Ali and Foreman when they fought.

    It will be fun to watch no matter who wins.