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    24 Nov '16 10:04
    There is a Light Weight King in the shadows waiting. He is from Russia, and as I have always said, no ground game, no champion belt. This kid, Khabib, is a new breed of fighter. Anyone who has watched Damian Maia at 170lbs knows he has one of the best Jits game in the world. And has world titles to prove it. Khabib just might be as good as he is on the ground, but has knockout power to back that up.

    Here is an article where he expresses how upset he is that the UFC is holding him back to promote connor. And Connor can not beat this kid. Once they fight, Connor will have to go back to feather weight. And Aldo waits for him there. But I think Connor beats Aldo again. But Khabib is the the king in the making. Below is from bloodyelbow.com

    Khabib Nurmagomedov picked up a dominant win against Michael Johnson at UFC 205 by defeating Michael Johnson via third round submission at UFC 205. Through the win, he was at the very least able to make a solid case for himself as the number one contender for Conor McGregor’s lightweight title.

    “The Eagle” wants a crack at McGregor so bad, that he was actually conversing with UFC president Dana White in the middle of his fight against Johnson. White, who was situated at cage side, did exchange words with Nurmagomedov.

    “I tell him (White) ‘hey, I have to fight for the title, you know this. Don’t send me bullsh-t contract, fake contract. After this fight, you have to send me (the) real contract,”” Nurmagomedov told RT Sport. “He said ‘hey, you have to finish this fight. After 30 seconds, you (still) have the second round.’”

    “I said ‘don’t worry, this fight is finished already.’ And after the second round, I said ‘I’m gonna smash your boy. Be careful. You have to stay careful because I’m gonna smash him.’”

    Nurmagamedov fought Johnson at the preliminary card of the fight, right before the main card. Being put in that slot also says something to him, as he feels the UFC had a hidden motive behind it.

    “I think the UFC put me in the prelims because they don’t want to make my name as big because they have to take care of Conor. They don’t want to promote my name very good.”