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  1. 06 Aug '07 02:49
    i'm doing a 2 day split now but don't know how to incorperate a 3 day split. is it better? if so how can i create one? for upper body only i can't do lower body workouts because of my hips.
  2. Standard member irontigran
    Rob Scheider is..
    06 Aug '07 03:31
    a 3 day upper body split could be. . .

    day 1)chest, upper arms (tris,bis)
    day 2)delts, traps, neck
    day 3)back, back, and more back!! with forearms and abs....

    whats wrong with your hips? mine are bad too..
  3. 06 Aug '07 05:12
    broke both of them in soccer and baseball. bones not strong enough for the muscle structure i have. i eat plenty of calcium so i don't know why. thanks for the tips.