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    03 Jun '09
    22 Aug '16 03:28
    Great card once again. Connor showed up with more muscle weight, and far better prepared. All score cards show Connor as the winner just as they should. It will most likely be the fight of the year unless DC fights Rumble Johnson before the new year. There were many great fights on this card, and Cowboy fought one of his best fights to date against Story. I have never seen Rick beaten so badly.

    I think Cerrone has found his new weight class. I think the weight cut at for 155 is to much for him.

    If you want to hear Just Connor's part of his post fight press conference, here is the link. Fight of the year for sure the more I think about it. He dropped Nate several times, and even in the one round where one Judge had the edge for Nate in one round, Connor was not hurt the people thought, and he never gassed out.

    My heart hoped for Connor, but I felt it would be Nate. It is almost impossible to win without a ground game. Connor has improved his, and he can stuff the take down even better now. Here is the link : http://mmajunkie.com/2016/08/video-conor-mcgregor-full-ufc-202-post-fight-media-session

    Dominic Cruz will have his hands full. if he fights Cody. This young kid can hit harder then anyone in the division. If he hits Cruz even once he will be out cold before he hits the canvas. But Cruz did something that only one man was ever able to do. Cruz and GSP came back after a plus two year layoff. And that includes surgeries, and rehab.

    Cruz will need to utilize every boxing skill he has ever learned to cut off angles, and stay off that center line, and use his superior wrestling to hold this kid down and use his ground and pound to set up a submission. The trash talk has started, and looks like a great fight in the making. Here is a link to a real threat to Cruz's throne. http://mmajunkie.com/2016/08/ufc-202-results-cody-garbrandts-latest-gem-48-second-ko-of-takeya-mizugaki-1

    Cody is the real deal and someone to watch very carefully. Great night of fights.

    Rumble Johnson won in 13 seconds, and most likely will fight DC next for the title. DC can win this fight again, if he is smart, and uses his Olympic world class wrestling. If DC does not mentally prepare for the toughest dog fight of his life, and find a way to get Rumble down in side control, it will be a very short night and we will have a new champ at Light Heavy Weight. Here is a link with Rumble Johnson talking about his shot with DC.