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Sports Forum

  1. Standard member karoly aczel
    Goin in dry bro
    01 Nov '17 02:52
    Originally posted by @eladar
    I don't know, is there a single person around here who wasn't chosen last? I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is no.
    chosen last?

    how so? I dont follow
  2. Subscriber radioactive69
    Fun, fun fun!!
    01 Nov '17 04:57
    I think that with the USA out of the World Cup that the growth of football over there will stall considerably.

    They'll have to bring more ethnics into the country won't they Eladar to keep the sport going.

    One thing Americans hate is losing. Sorest losers of all time. Take Tonia Harding as an example of American sportsmanship. If you can't beat em.......maim em !!!