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  1. Standard member MacSwain
    Who is John Galt?
    15 Aug '10 14:00 / 2 edits
    [b]Report: Blatter says draws may be scrapped at Wcup[b]
    The Associated Press
    Saturday, August 14, 2010 9:35 AM EDT

    “BERLIN (AP) — FIFA president Sepp Blatter says consideration is being given to scrapping the draw at the World Cup by bringing in a penalty shootout after 90 minutes or using the golden goal in extra time.”

    “Blatter said Saturday on Germany's Focus weekly that the changes could make the tournament more interesting, claiming teams "above all do not want to lose — that makes for a boring game."

    “The golden goal allows the first team to score in extra time to win. It was first used at the World Cup in 1998, when Laurent Blanc gave France victory over Paraguay in the round of 16.”

    “Blatter also discussed FIFA's efforts to examine goal-line technology, saying "as soon as we have a safe, fast and uncomplicated goal indicator, we will use it."


    After numerous goal line fiascos at this years WC, I think most would be in favour of introducing ‘goal line’ technologies.

    However, how do you see a change in using shootout or golden goal to eliminate draws? Do you think this change an improvement? I do not favour this change, a draw is a good result in my book. Seems an attempt to Americanise football. imo
  2. 23 Aug '10 15:27 / 1 edit
    Sounds a daft idea to me. I don't have a problem with a draw. And uses of the golden goal in the past have, in my opinion, generally led to more defensive football as teams are terrified of making a mistake. That's why they got rid of it!

    And if you bring in penalties, you add the possibility of a team playing ultra-defensively and still getting a win.