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  1. Subscriber VESPIN
    All For Fun
    04 Sep '16 05:24
    Official it seems. Woodley will face Wonderboy. GSP will fight Connor as a tune up fight in my humble opinion.

    Then GSP will fight Woodley. It makes sense. Fighting Nick Diaz will not be interesting as he beat him already.

    Although I think Wonderboy will win against Woodley, and he barely beat Rory McDonald, that only makes sense for GSP for him to fight Woodley, then move to middle weight. It will be a much harder transition, but he can easily do it. I am not sure he can win a belt in that division but it would be really interesting.

    Weidman is done. He will not get the belt back and unless he gets healthy he wont even be a gate keeper in that division.

    But Great news on Wonderboy getting his shot. I think he will win it. So place your bets. I am to poor to bet a dollar. lol But if Woodley wins, GSP wins it easily against him.

    I just know on the UFC talk show, GSP will fighting again, and it will be great for the sport. They just have to agree to change his contract due the fact it was made pre reebock error, and he will lose a ton of money. So they will have to change his contract, which they will, due to the fact he was the biggest draw in ufc History.

    Cant wait.
  2. Subscriber VESPIN
    All For Fun
    18 Sep '16 11:23
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    lol You should be excited about this stuff. Your country has two new fighters that are looking to be really good prospects. And your country goes crazy over this sport. They love it. And when this fight goes off, it will be a great fight for the fans.
  3. Standard member Mctayto
    18 Sep '16 15:38
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    Take your spamming elsewhere