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Tournaments Forum

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Where are the fast paced tournaments?213 Apr '16 06:46MetacomedianBenjamin Barker
2 free spots in Octet 1975-1999228 Mar '16 12:09Johannes GoetheJohannes Goethe
No Tournamnts available....1627 Mar '16 08:43johnebSuzianne
TheBigCat's rating922 Mar '16 14:17joesheppeBaronVonChickenpants
BIG guns tournament3115 Mar '16 10:36PonderablePonderable
Delete, old non started tournaments. DOUBLE POS...201 Feb '16 07:39bikingvikingKewpie
limit to games, seems needed! Abuse ?1107 Jan '16 17:08koopsSteve45
New Comment system107 Jan '16 12:47RussRuss
Non-sub tournament224 Dec '15 15:17DiapasonRuss
Nice chess Etiquette117 Dec '15 17:22RBHILLRBHILL
Timebank depleting on opponent's move405 Dec '15 13:17Araynvenda
Guaranteed to make it to finals in heads up com...327 Nov '15 14:17graven29Steve45
1 day tournaments1212 Nov '15 06:58RBHILLkoops
Hardcore tournament 2000+130 Sep '15 10:55Johannes GoetheJohannes Goethe
Please explain....913 Aug '15 19:06Landisqueen170Landisqueen170
Tournament Entry Rating1831 Jul '15 11:48KewpiePonderable
2015 Championship227 Jul '15 16:51wizardschess64squaresofpain
Fewer tournaments311 Jul '15 11:42bob58diangular
Mikelom Memorial502 Jul '15 13:07arbeiderKewpie
Abuse of vacation privileges229 May '15 15:35leokinsPonderable
2014 Championship12226 May '15 18:20Helder Octaviobiffo konker
2015 Championship923 May '15 21:18Ponderableflyingcod
Winawer Tournament?319 May '15 11:22Rookpawn59frank124c
Bad resignations615 Apr '15 10:5064squaresofpainjertamev
Why is there no Tournements?731 Mar '15 14:21Iron DukeRuss
@Russ Are we going to have non-sub scum tourney...2531 Mar '15 10:56SeitseGhost of a Duke
cheating in tournaments2914 Mar '15 02:09niteknightKewpie
does anyone know what the oldest active tourney...911 Mar '15 13:06doug989Ponderable
Naming tournaments202 Mar '15 13:59Kewpievenda
Can we have some more unbanded tournaments plea...228 Feb '15 07:27TonksKewpie