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Tournaments Forum

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what are banded tournaments?626 Jan '15 18:58woadmanvenda
no move at all between 2 players?1626 Jan '15 15:36doug989doug989
Any help appreciated!!!!215 Jan '15 16:27pikejohnPonderable
Lack of Open Tournaments 1400-1500215 Jan '15 07:40Duncan ClarkeKewpie
Can someone please explain to me...1120 Dec '14 06:42Suziannewoadman
banded tournaments galore315 Dec '14 12:27PonderablePonderable
Tournament requests? I like Grand 3 7s, but210 Dec '14 17:19Jayhawk34flyingcod
1/14 clan league104 Dec '14 07:28SmiffySmiffy
Non subs in club tournaments603 Dec '14 19:07pikejohnmaya628
random chess 960-unlimited tournament5230 Nov '14 01:38RECUVICRECUVIC
Lots of tournaments115 Nov '14 17:45pikejohnpikejohn
Lack of tournaments909 Nov '14 17:19Kewpieflyingcod
Winning Tournaments by Timeouts226 Oct '14 00:21RBHILLKewpie
Octets210 Aug '14 15:08Ad ParnassumPonderable
Tournament Entry Rating Limits1014 Jun '14 11:41HiChiefflyingcod
Inactive Users310 Jun '14 13:14shaptonishaptoni
Really slow tournament?410 Jun '14 12:15DumbomPonderable
Tournaments requirements208 Jun '14 14:46Bruno Ferri MoraesPonderable
Thematic Tournaments206 Jun '14 07:59miaauPonderable
knights of the round table301 May '14 14:29MUNGAASchlecter
Mega Duel from December323 Apr '14 03:17RBHILLRBHILL
Tournaments for non subscribers709 Apr '14 04:33bindaschessKewpie
Tournament score table102 Apr '14 17:01TarsusTarsus
Timeout question327 Mar '14 15:00RBHILLRBHILL
Long Haul or Hardcore323 Mar '14 01:57RBHILLcaissad4
One Day timeout216 Mar '14 00:13macattack777Kewpie
Lack of tournaments?124 Feb '14 16:28BonarparteBonarparte
Starting a Private Tournament819 Feb '14 14:38BobskiBobski
2013 Championship7116 Feb '14 16:19maitkenheadRBHILL
English/Reversed Sicilian314 Feb '14 18:47wittywonkavenda