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  1. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    05 Oct '02 22:56
    In most scenario's...say a Swiss..the lowest rated losing person
    usually gets the bye...but this is a KO and is a little different.

    So to stick with the original set of rules that we set this up on..whoever
    wins in the top games of the division gets the bye in the second
    round...i.e. Pawnking vs maggoteer...whoever wins in that gets the

  2. 06 Oct '02 00:35

    Just to clarify, incase I am being thick. there will be 9 of us left after
    the first round in the 1300 division, one takes a bye, so after the 2nd
    round there will be 5 of us. If the highest ranked player in the division
    takes a bye each round does this not mean that they will have a bye
    till the divisional final?


  3. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    06 Oct '02 01:35
    No..the winner in the highest bracket game will get the bye in the next
    round..then he will play the winner of the highest bracket game from
    the seconround and the bye would actually drop to the winner of the
    second highest bracket game...I know...somewhat confusing but it will
    all make sense soon.

  4. 06 Oct '02 01:51
    Thanks Dave, I think I know what you mean and that makes sense. If
    not, well I can worry about that later 🙂

  5. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    07 Oct '02 14:31
    Thank you for explaining this for us.
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational
  6. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    09 Oct '02 03:04
    No prob

    KO TD