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  1. 13 Jul '17 02:18 / 1 edit
    My Lady's horse has fallen, throwing her and breaking her spine, so whilst able to protect herself with sword she is unable to move. Attending her needs is the Archbishop also unable to move from her side. Perilously close is the enemy King, also limited in movement but only a pace away from a fatal flank attack and two away from a heart kill. I have received a rider from My Lady with a request for advise and assistance. I am taking counsel and will respond, but intuition tells me to retreat to the Castle and send foot soldiers to slay the King. More to follow as riders bring progress reports. Game 12227038

    PS: Game is still in progress so comments limited to the ethics / morals / pageantry of my post.
  2. 13 Jul '17 02:33 / 1 edit
    I have now retreated to my Castle and dispatched a rider with a letter of 'safe passage' to the enemy King, prevalent on him withdrawing himself and his soldiers from the field of battle. Riders arriving - more soon.
  3. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    25 Jul '17 23:11
    I take it you was sick of him not resigning or something lol, your poor Queen, I hope she recovered from injury.