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3 Day Timeout Series

3 Day Timeout Series

Board nameAttackingDefendingStateWait

0 days timebank sieges

Red board 3/0Subscriber tappaSubscriber NN CheapAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Green board 3/0Subscriber tappaStandard member AugustkimAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Blue board 3/0Subscriber tappaSubscriber NN CheapAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Yellow board 3/0Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Purple board 3/0Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Orange board 3/0Subscriber tappaSubscriber ZonaGradAwaiting next0InfoHistory

3 days timebank sieges

Red board 3/3Subscriber Kings GambitSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Green board 3/3Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Blue board 3/3Subscriber AyreHSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Yellow board 3/3Subscriber tappaSubscriber ZonaGradAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Purple board 3/3Subscriber Penguin303Subscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Orange board 3/3Standard member Tintin1963Subscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory

7 days timebank sieges

Red board 3/7Subscriber PaulMorphyFanSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Green board 3/7Subscriber tappaSubscriber ZonaGradAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Blue board 3/7Subscriber HikaruShindoSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Yellow board 3/7Subscriber tappaStandard member AugustkimAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Purple board 3/7Subscriber tappaStandard member JBMermaidAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Orange board 3/7Subscriber gregajSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory

14 days timebank sieges

Red board 3/14Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Green board 3/14Subscriber tappaStandard member Mike PerkinsAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Blue board 3/14Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Yellow board 3/14Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Purple board 3/14Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Orange board 3/14Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory

21 days timebank sieges

Red board 3/21Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Green board 3/21Subscriber tappaStandard member johnny09Awaiting next0InfoHistory
Blue board 3/21Standard member AugustkimSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Yellow board 3/21Standard member JBMermaidSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Purple board 3/21Subscriber LencSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory
Orange board 3/21Standard member AugustkimSubscriber tappaAwaiting next0InfoHistory

How to play Sieges

Every siege consists of one board which must be defended for as many games as possible.

Win as white to capture the board, winning as black will successfully defend the board.

A draw will count as a capture for white, and the defending black player will be ousted.

A queue of challengers will develop - the defender must play each in sequence until beaten.

The defender or the new challenger may start the next waiting game at anytime.

You may only be in one queue for each timeout series, although you may be at a board and waiting in a different queue.

Dominate this game by achieving consecutive successful defences.