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Chess Tournaments

Recent Tournament Victories (Last 21 Days Approx)

Long Haul SplitSubscriber EssefBee1711
Long Haul BandedStandard member Blackpoolmad1477
Grand Long HaulStandard member caissad42358
Banded Grand Long HaulSubscriber Lenc1278
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42358
Long Haul Banded QuartetsSubscriber RedHotMayor1563
Glacial Super Casual BandedStandard member benda1619
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42358
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber pondskater2010
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber Swiss Toni2077
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42358
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42358
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber tappa2381
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42358
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber paul11431
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Stoic11649
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber 7copeland2294
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42358
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Mctayto1139
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member sh761747
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber MarcusRemius2547
POPEYE: 21/21 LONG HAUL GRAND OPENStandard member caissad42358
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Imnotkasparov1825
Long Haul SplitStandard member ontheclock2329
Long Haul SplitStandard member kingaroo2319
Long Haul SplitDonation joost2075
Long Haul SplitSubscriber afcacbs2189
Long Haul SplitSubscriber wizardschess1859
Slow QuartetsSubscriber yoyos1363
Slow QuartetsSubscriber tappa2381
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Vikthor1335
Long Haul SplitDonation Quirine2026
QuartetsSubscriber pondskater2010
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Libellule1533
Long Haul SplitSubscriber HappyChappy2066
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Thunderrook2493
Glacial Super CasualStandard member mihai522419
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber markthedoc1244
Long Haul SplitDonation Quirine2026
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2559
Long Haul SplitSubscriber takinitez0071866
Long Haul SplitSubscriber beatlemania1763
Long Haul SplitSubscriber tefeather2097
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42358
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2559
2016 October HalloweenSubscriber kingdog1207
Grand Seven FourteenStandard member cardd222246
Mini DuelDonation markobo1502
2016 December TriadsSubscriber david19471012
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber Walakike1146
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42358
Mini DuelSubscriber ColeFord1810
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber oldman551797
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetSubscriber kNIGHTHEAD1641
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetStandard member cocodrilo2409
QuartetsSubscriber jmwinrider1462
QuintetsSubscriber cenerentola2559
Banded ThreesomesStandard member Rockfel1608
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber Itsallzen1646
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2559
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2559
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2559
2017 May Cinco de MayoSubscriber Timzsn1063
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber paul Bonomini1399
OctetSubscriber mallys71495
Sprint DuelStandard member mihai522419
QuartetsSubscriber jmi601821
Longhaul OctetSubscriber skunkdup1606
Sprint OctetStandard member mihai522419
2017 July welcome speeball to clubSubscriber bohemia511460
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber NN Cheap2108
QuartetsStandard member mihai522419
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetSubscriber wimble1488
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetSubscriber bling9er1504
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetSubscriber neskayatower1706
2017 August Octet 1Subscriber bohemia511460
QuintetsSubscriber Hyperion71643
2017 August Octet 2Subscriber bohemia511460
Popeye: Pirc defence TournamentSubscriber golddog21436
2017 welcome eagleswing to clubSubscriber bohemia511460
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber pdunne2026
Banded ThreesomesStandard member mihai522419
OctetSubscriber ZAPZ1566
OctetSubscriber Pattrick062189
Latvian Gambit OctetSubscriber jimmer1066
Latvian Gambit OctetSubscriber masterfosse1431
Scandinavian OctetSubscriber The Big Bishop1707
2017 September triads 1Subscriber eagleswing1124
OctetSubscriber D10131155
OctetSubscriber jaapm1352
OctetSubscriber Blefer2130
Popeye: September Class FishSubscriber bob581614
OctetSubscriber tjmarti1618
OctetSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1718
2017 September octetSubscriber alan holman1329
Hardcore OctetSubscriber vandervelde1949
Nicola and Shona OctetDonation rigidwithfear1489
Bang Average October DualSubscriber FatKidonaTrampoline1281
Mini DuelSubscriber mig211256
Colle-Zukertort Thematic OctetSubscriber mallys71495
Colle-Zukertort Thematic OctetSubscriber 2advent1658
OctetSubscriber NaijaKnight1728
OctetSubscriber baltika91466
OctetSubscriber Quanto1435
OctetSubscriber acastano1770
OctetSubscriber lausey1783
Whales and Dolphins OpenSubscriber BartVH2149
2017 October quadsSubscriber norfolk and good1582
Mini DuelSubscriber Tom Compton1345
World Series OctetSubscriber herrero1399
2017 November quadsSubscriber alan holman1329
OctetSubscriber hillcountrydog1285
OctetSubscriber taipei52001313
2017 November octetSubscriber invigorate1296
OctetSubscriber Akilo1321
OctetSubscriber 76Xadrez1362
OctetSubscriber Sport1514
2017 November octetSubscriber lstcyr1053
OctetSubscriber Favs1183
OctetSubscriber lechler1392
OctetSubscriber Baard1741
OctetSubscriber mallys71495
OctetSubscriber ogb1999
OctetSubscriber deep zero 41201
OctetSubscriber jbuxxx1331
OctetSubscriber mongothepawn1522
OctetSubscriber caoimho1413
Benko gambit half accepted TournamentSubscriber BigDoggProblem1843
2017 December octetSubscriber alan holman1329
2017 December octet 2Subscriber projectread969
Hardcore GrandSubscriber rizzers1820
OctetSubscriber OMuniz8601107
OctetSubscriber Georgie P1416
OctetSubscriber ianbellchq1661
Hardcore GrandSubscriber cenerentola2559
Hardcore GrandSubscriber vandervelde1949
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Zabi Jowshan1975
Hardcore GrandSubscriber NN Cheap2108
Hardcore GrandSubscriber cenerentola2559
MUTI under 1800 octetSubscriber mrr16121661
Slow QuartetsSubscriber elsport1564
POPEYE: SCOTCH BANDEDSubscriber blue bird1826
2016 October Croatia Independence DaySubscriber Timzsn1063
Mini DuelSubscriber tjp16841358
Mini DuelSubscriber suicidebishop1278
Mini DuelSubscriber DTH1177
Sprint OctetStandard member TopTop2027
2017 June quick one 5Subscriber learningspear1219
Sprint DuelSubscriber dixondo1448
Scandinavian gambit TournamentSubscriber Divot Farmer2018
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Kresten1719
QuartetsStandard member iesepies1700
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber tramper1642
Long Haul SplitSubscriber HappyChappy2066
QuartetsSubscriber markthedoc1244
2016 October Simchat TorahSubscriber kingdog1207
2016 November Monaco National DaySubscriber kingdog1207
2016 December Boxing DaySubscriber bowie71383
Mini DuelStandard member nuttywalt2395
TOD Marathon 2 2017Standard member SERGEANTPMAIN1529
POPEYE: E-FOURSubscriber Nomoredoc1657
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber ZonaGrad2311
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber Mitchapolooza1477
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber vandervelde1949
2017 April Tomb Sweepinmg Day (Hong Kong)Subscriber lstcyr1053
2017 April Triads 1Subscriber Timzsn1063
2017 April Arbor Day (South Korea)Subscriber bowie71383
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber wonkiesboy1295
QuartetsSubscriber Sinke1382
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber MMark1668
QuartetsSubscriber dn841265
QuartetsDonation Luck1353
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber spartangreek1133
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber invigorate1296
2017 May Independence Restoration Day (Latvia)Subscriber Timzsn1063
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber frostbite991070
QuartetsSubscriber cdurkin1082
QuartetsSubscriber tjp16841358
Banded ThreesomesStandard member mihai522419
Mini DuelSubscriber jmwinrider1462
Sprint DuelSubscriber Odinson1406
2017 June welcome learningspear to clubSubscriber laurence c1264
QuartetsSubscriber Hammer4ever1492
Mini DuelSubscriber Steinberg1205
2017 June Flag Day (Argentina)Subscriber bohemia511460
QuartetsSubscriber Odinson1406
2017 July quads 6Subscriber Tenacitiz1463
2017 July Welcome DerPolitzei to clubSubscriber Terryh71000
2017 August triads 1Subscriber Timzsn1063
Sprint DuelSubscriber Maalvi1503
2017 August welcome Joe1949 to clubSubscriber Ponderable1260
2017 August quads 4Subscriber MDGrant1308
Latvian Gambit OctetSubscriber lastpawnstanding1267
Latvian Gambit OctetSubscriber afcacbs2189
Scandinavian OctetSubscriber Odinson1406
Mini DuelStandard member Eliax1537
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber honus972
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber kingray2015
Popeye: iPhone 8Subscriber bob581614
Mini DuelSubscriber Ohforf1525
OctetSubscriber hvincent1282
Sicilian Dragon, Yugoslav attack, Rauser variation TournamentSubscriber RODbr1458
2017 November quadsSubscriber invigorate1296
2017 November quick oneSubscriber Terryh71000
Hardcore OctetSubscriber lastpawnstanding1267
OctetSubscriber jbuxxx1331
OctetSubscriber Anasazi341221
Hardcore GrandSubscriber cenerentola2559
2017 December winter is comingSubscriber norfolk and good1582
Hardcore GrandSubscriber vandervelde1949
Hardcore OctetSubscriber Bluesbro1114
Hardcore OctetSubscriber boydie1396
Hardcore OctetDonation peterh1618
Hardcore OctetSubscriber pondskater2010
2017 December octetSubscriber tangerinefish1062
Bang Average Happy Holidays Sprint GroupSubscriber shadowplay1311
Scotch Goering gambit TournamentSubscriber procyk1885

Public Tournaments won - top 30 players.

NameRatingTournaments won
Standard member caissad42358207
Subscriber Aspasia2032150
Subscriber cenerentola2559138
Standard member adim1781117
Standard member atticus22217108
Standard member mihai52241999
Subscriber Georgie P141692
Standard member Mctayto113992
Subscriber lastpawnstanding126792
Donation peterh161878
Subscriber oldman55179770
Subscriber jankrb215163
Donation Quirine202656
Subscriber vandervelde194954
Standard member PA82244354
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn171854
Standard member phani27185153
Standard member ItsYouThatIAdore166052
Subscriber NN Cheap210851
Subscriber Swiss Toni207751
Standard member PAWN RIOT227550
Subscriber Blanca170949
Standard member jamjamjoe180149
Standard member zawinul189648
Subscriber caoimho141348
Standard member kes29189646
Standard member markingfox224345
Standard member RookGrabber122445
Standard member kingshill230643
Subscriber gundel218541