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Chess Tournaments

Recent Tournament Victories (Last 21 Days Approx)

Long Haul BandedStandard member Blackpoolmad1458
Grand Long HaulStandard member caissad42365
Long Haul Banded QuartetsSubscriber RedHotMayor1559
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42365
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42365
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42365
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42365
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42365
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42365
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber 7copeland2278
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42365
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber sbelanoff On Vacation2395
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42365
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Mctayto1139
Long Haul DuelSubscriber Mr Bump1549
Long Haul SplitStandard member ontheclock2329
Long Haul SplitStandard member kingaroo2296
Long Haul SplitDonation joost2081
Long Haul SplitSubscriber afcacbs2190
Long Haul SplitSubscriber wizardschess1805
Long Haul SplitSubscriber kopsov1847
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber John Hadley1887
lightningSubscriber cking2k31515
2016 April Crab Opening TournamentSubscriber kingdog1181
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Thunderrook2427
Glacial Super CasualStandard member mihai522367
Long Haul SplitSubscriber tefeather2092
DuelSubscriber bvinci2333
Mini DuelStandard member michelleon2432
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber RonaldGalen1102
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Nathlowe1482
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Aspasia2170
Longhaul Banded OctetStandard member Walakike1142
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber arekv2247
Grouped RandomSubscriber cenerentola2499
2017 January club championship 3Subscriber lstcyr1053
Long Haul Mini DuelSubscriber lastpawnstanding1339
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber gundel2189
DuelSubscriber fiktas2007
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber swandog1457
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2499
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2499
Longhaul OctetSubscriber Kunsoo1607
Longhaul OctetDonation achakes1512
2017 July welcome Bright Eyes to the clubSubscriber bohemia511418
Mid-Year Melee - OctetsSubscriber cenerentola2499
Grouped RandomSubscriber cenerentola2499
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2499
Grouped RandomStandard member NdA721963
QuintetsSubscriber Toadie1162
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Aspasia2170
2017 August triads 2Subscriber lstcyr1053
Grand Seven FourteenStandard member pdunne1977
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2499
Popeye: September Class FishStandard member 69BenK1459
QuartetsSubscriber makiev1776
2017 September welcome nehezugy to the clubSubscriber beechform1126
QuintetsSubscriber kavi671620
QuintetsSubscriber spats1599
Angela Merkel ClassicSubscriber Charlie6701561
Mini DuelSubscriber Odinson On Vacation1787
Slow QuartetsSubscriber CliffLandin1313
Amsterdam attack TournamentSubscriber Alfie Beamish1743
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber jodem1334
QuartetsSubscriber cteichman1352
QuartetsSubscriber Zabi Jowshan2112
Bang Average November TriplesSubscriber FatKidonaTrampoline1341
Mini DuelSubscriber JonPenny1485
2017 December welcome projectread to clubSubscriber beechform1126
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2499
2017 December welcome larry the lick to clubSubscriber bohemia511418
Sprint DuelSubscriber Marko Krale1583
QuartetsDonation dcpk1966
2017 December Karin New Year MyanmarSubscriber xinebbsa1363
Joyeux NoëlSubscriber bohemia511418
Popeye 2017 Banded ChampionshipsSubscriber ZorroTheFox1512
Boxing Day ExtravaganzaSubscriber jb701636
QuartetsSubscriber GannonKnight1760
Storm Dylan OctetSubscriber kirbythecat1591
QuartetsSubscriber Jayhawk341483
QuartetsSubscriber Ragwort1940
2018 January Nicholas Cage birthdaySubscriber laurence c1218
2018 Januaty Elvis Presley birthdaySubscriber laurence c1218
Sicilian Smith-Morra gambit TournamentStandard member pdunne1977
2018 January Maharishi Mahesh Yogi birthdaySubscriber laurence c1218
Mini DuelSubscriber jkmelancon1225
Mini DuelSubscriber Outback1218
Split Seven SevenSubscriber JREwing2220
2019 January Janis Joplin birthdaySubscriber laurence c1218
2019 January triadsSubscriber spartangreek1176
OctetSubscriber 2advent1574
Split Seven SevenSubscriber NN Cheap2134
QuintetsSubscriber GannonKnight1760
2018 January Franz Schubert birthdaySubscriber bohemia511418
Bill Belichick OctetSubscriber bob581669
2018 February welcome tashford to clubSubscriber scwymstr1132
2018 Rocks FebruarySubscriber ZorroTheFox1512
Sprint DuelSubscriber YEAH BOY1314
Sprint DuelSubscriber Aanatol1404
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber masterfosse1439
2018 February welcome DAVIDE 2 to the clubSubscriber bohemia511418
Alekhine's Defence BandedSubscriber Nightgod1228
OctetSubscriber Timex1604
OctetSubscriber Telemark30001592
2018 March new band 2Subscriber scwymstr1132
Hardcore OctetSubscriber fogie1226
1499 Limit!!!!Standard member Costad1494
French defence TournamentSubscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation1895
OctetSubscriber Mahoutsoukai1899
Split Seven SevenSubscriber NN Cheap2134
Grob Spike attack TournamentSubscriber Romie Dread1413
Polish defence TournamentSubscriber Nomoredoc1704
Mini DuelSubscriber Bobla451651
2018 April octetSubscriber bohemia511418
QuartetsSubscriber QUAGMYR2332
2018 April Ravi Shankar birthdaySubscriber beechform1126
2018 Paul Robeson birthdaySubscriber laurence c1218
OctetSubscriber imetfischer1439
OctetSubscriber sardodos1469
OctetSubscriber wim b1670
2018 octet 2Subscriber tejus1338
2018 April octet 5Subscriber bowie71224
OctetSubscriber paul11495
OctetSubscriber King Mob1602
OctetSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1725
Dutch, Spielmann gambit TournamentSubscriber Romie Dread1413
These seem popularSubscriber jb701636
From Gambit fully acceptedSubscriber BigDoggProblem1907
OctetSubscriber Muxloe Fosse1191
OctetSubscriber OldTobyxx11387
OctetSubscriber glammuus1459
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber OldTobyxx11387
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber sardodos1469
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber Knight Lightning1418
molasses in maySubscriber bob581669
To take, or not to take? - 1Subscriber Romie Dread1413
Sprint DuelSubscriber Gyr491839
A Cheeky ChallengeSubscriber imetfischer1439
OctetSubscriber Clintster On Vacation1324
OctetSubscriber Hammer4ever1361
OctetSubscriber redreg1550
OctetSubscriber Marko Krale1583
OctetSubscriber munichmick1604
Mini DuelSubscriber wrhine1372
OctetSubscriber bttnpshrx1336
OctetSubscriber Aanatol1404
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber NN Cheap2134
Sprint QuartetsSubscriber galesh1308
Sprint QuartetsSubscriber gregory eyetech1398
2018 May Drew Carey birthdaySubscriber sandwichjim1260
2018 May octet 3Subscriber bohemia511418
Old Benoni defence TournamentSubscriber sallen1500
OctetSubscriber emmerli On Vacation1218
OctetSubscriber ruichi1400
OctetSubscriber 7copeland2278
2018 June octetSubscriber bohemia511418
Benko gambit half accepted TournamentSubscriber BigDoggProblem1907
Ruy Lopez Marshall counter-attack, 11...c6 TournamentSubscriber Romie Dread1413
OctetSubscriber spartangreek1176
OctetSubscriber dotjar1551
OctetSubscriber mrd351494
OctetSubscriber 2advent1574
Hardcore OctetSubscriber Shelrock571603
Octet - Durkin's attackSubscriber woody651337
Octet - Durkin's attackSubscriber caoimho1315
Octet - Durkin's attackSubscriber afcacbs2190
OctetSubscriber Kingofstrategy1279
OctetSubscriber Georgie P1402
OctetSubscriber chickenlittle1322
OctetSubscriber luizandre1684
OctetSubscriber Ruben Panob1816
OctetSubscriber Tom Wolsey1677
2018 June octet 2Standard member Fransie1348
2018 July quick octetSubscriber scwymstr1132
OctetSubscriber Aanatol1404
OctetSubscriber kNIGHTHEAD1721
OctetSubscriber Wycombe Al1197
OctetSubscriber bag31127
OctetSubscriber Shelrock571603
2018 July quick octet 2Subscriber tejus1338
Slapping the Laggards3Subscriber SculptorBloke1346
Reti Lisitsin gambit deferred TournamentSubscriber sallen1500
Santasiere's folly TournamentSubscriber SculptorBloke1346
OctetSubscriber Tom Compton1384
OctetSubscriber luizandre1684
OctetSubscriber KingDavid4031757
Hardcore GrandSubscriber MAN O WAR1851
Slapping the Laggards3Subscriber Xpofer1437
Hardcore GrandSubscriber MAN O WAR1851
SchliemannSubscriber procyk2002
Hardcore GrandSubscriber rookguy1781
OctetSubscriber Dutchchess1480
OctetSubscriber bling9er1671
OctetSubscriber uirafernandes1766
OctetSubscriber ZorroTheFox1512
QGD Slav Tolush-Geller gambit TournamentSubscriber BigDoggProblem1907
2018 September octetSubscriber Raampje x1220
POPEYE FREE FOR ALL KNOCKOUTStandard member caissad42365
2016 March Australian Labour DaySubscriber kingdog1181
DuelSubscriber cenerentola2499
DuelStandard member mihai522367
2016 October Venezolana Opening TournamentSubscriber VESPIN1047
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber cenerentola2499
2017 February Longer TimeSubscriber kingdog1181
DuelSubscriber rizzers1830
Mini DuelSubscriber cenerentola2499
King's Indian defence TournamentSubscriber Nomoredoc1704
Mini DuelSubscriber Elphinstone1692
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber Whiteman18971249
QuintetsSubscriber kavi671620
Popeye: Reti Nimzovich-Larsen attack TournamentSubscriber Romie Dread1413
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber wonkiesboy1355
Banded ThreesomesDonation dcpk1966
2017 September welcome norfolk and good to clubSubscriber Ponderable1280
Amsterdam attack TournamentSubscriber ZorroTheFox1512
2017 November Morocco Independence DaySubscriber bohemia511418
Pete Wilson MemorialSubscriber ZorroTheFox1512
Sprint DuelSubscriber robinrunaway1796
OctetSubscriber TheBigKat2498
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber greggibb1447
2018 January longer timeSubscriber MGRIF853
2018 January special banded tournamentSubscriber The Postman1386
Mini DuelSubscriber Arayn1226
2018 January Kevin Costner birthdaySubscriber eagleswing1204
2018 January Buzz Aldrin birthdaySubscriber laurence c1218
2018 January Placido Domingo birthdaySubscriber laurence c1218
2018 January Neil Diamond birthdaySubscriber laurence c1218
Vladimir Guerrero InvitationalSubscriber sallen1500
Mini DuelSubscriber con251526
Reti King's Indian attack, French variation TournamentSubscriber golddog21442
OctetSubscriber 76Xadrez1265
2018 February welcome tashford to clubSubscriber bohemia511418
2018 Rocks FebruarySubscriber RODbr1436
2018 February quartetsSubscriber bohemia511418
Mini DuelSubscriber Georgie P1402
OctetSubscriber bramble1484
OctetSubscriber chuke1488
Banded DuelSubscriber lastpawnstanding1339
SixteenPlayersStrongSubscriber ZorroTheFox1512
OctetSubscriber Bassman571401
Mini DuelSubscriber stevemcc1585
Mini DuelSubscriber bobbypops1761
Mini DuelSubscriber pondskater2339
English Opening Agincourt variation TournamentSubscriber bob581669
OctetSubscriber OldTobyxx11387
QuintetsSubscriber MrCrowley1371
Danish Gambit AcceptedSubscriber BigDoggProblem1907
2018 octetSubscriber tejus1338
Bang Average May 2018 OctetSubscriber FatKidonaTrampoline1341
OctetSubscriber tejus1338
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber D10131113
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber FvG11544
Sprint QuartetsSubscriber foamin1360
Give the Wolfe a game open octet slowSubscriber Marko Krale1583
Speed Kings OnlySubscriber ZorroTheFox1512
2018 June octetSubscriber Fagarasi0751152
OctetSubscriber Celsius I1258
OctetSubscriber Georgie P1402
Dumb Idea Time bankSubscriber jb701636
Octet - Durkin's attackSubscriber Jim Dog Young1081
Octet - Grob Fritz gambitSubscriber Bob Kramer1752
June marathonDonation Luck1369
Ruy Lopez Taimanov (chase/wing/Accelerated counterthrust) variatSubscriber alan holman1254
King's Indian Orthodox, Aronin-Taimanov, Main line TournamentStandard member Fransie1348
Round RobinSubscriber king0809825
Hardcore GrandSubscriber NN Cheap2134
OctetSubscriber Ruben Panob1816
Modern defence TournamentSubscriber bob581669
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Blanca1648
2018 JulGruenfeld Spasskvariation, Main line, 13.Bd3 TournamentSubscriber alan holman1254
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber Brrr1778
Dutch defence TournamentSubscriber MAN O WAR1851
Vienna gambit TournamentDonation Luck1369
Hardcore GrandSubscriber NN Cheap2134
Global Warming: who knew?Donation Luck1369

Public Tournaments won - top 30 players.

NameRatingTournaments won
Standard member caissad42365212
Subscriber cenerentola2499163
Subscriber Aspasia2170153
Standard member adim1781117
Standard member atticus22217108
Standard member mihai522367102
Subscriber lastpawnstanding1339101
Subscriber Georgie P140296
Standard member Mctayto113993
Donation peterh173583
Subscriber oldman55184471
Subscriber NN Cheap213464
Subscriber jankrb200864
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn172562
Donation Quirine191157
Subscriber Blanca164855
Standard member PA82245154
Standard member phani27194153
Standard member ItsYouThatIAdore166052
Subscriber Swiss Toni194951
Subscriber caoimho131550
Standard member PAWN RIOT227550
Standard member jamjamjoe178949
Subscriber masterfosse143948
Standard member zawinul189648
Standard member kes29189646
Standard member markingfox224345
Standard member RookGrabber122445
Standard member kingshill230643
Subscriber gundel218942