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Chess  Tournament

Chess Tournament

2014 October Glacial Super Casual I

Description 21 days timeout. 21 days timebank. No need to hurry, Take a 3 week break.
Timeout 21 days
Timebank 21 days
Started 31 Oct '14
Status Tournament finished
 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw. Leading player or players progress. Winner of the final group wins the tournament.

Tournament Winner

Group decidedGroup 1 : Group decided
caissad4tappaNN CheapjankrbApawnocalypseMAURO SEMERInvaderOfRomeinkdot
caissad42374 white winwhite winwhite winwhite winwhite winwhite winwhite win
tappa2363black win black winblack winblack winblack winblack winblack win
NN Cheap2180black winwhite win black winblack winwhite winwhite winwhite win
jankrb2125drawwhite winblack win white win31drawwhite win
Apawnocalypse2034black winwhite winwhite winblack win 49drawwhite win
MAURO SEMER2013black winwhite windraw30black win white winwhite win
InvaderOfRome1979black winwhite winwhite windrawblack winblack win white win
inkdot1480black winwhite winblack win23black winblack winblack win 
Total score40022212519186
Max. possible score40022302828189
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