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Chess  Tournament

Chess Tournament

2015 April Glacial Super Casual I

Description 21 days timeout. 21 days timebank. No need to hurry, Take a 3 week break.
Timeout 21 days
Timebank 21 days
Started 23 Apr '15
Status Round In progress
 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw. Leading player or players progress. Winner of the final group wins the tournament.
In progressGroup 1 : In progress
caissad42364 white winwhite win27white win14white winwhite win
Apawnocalypse1989black win 910white win920white win
Minor1967black win11 41white win31white winwhite win
kopsov1938black win9black win white win13black winwhite win
Pawnokeyhole1925black winblack winblack winblack win black winblack winblack win
Eligos18441481518white win 18white win
rookguy1796black win20black winwhite winwhite win15 black win
Telemark30001590black winblack winblack winblack winwhite winblack winblack win 
Total score33122112012159
Max. possible score42363630042279
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