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2019 Clan #3 - Preferred MAXIMUM clan members permitted in each clan?A clan can currently have 2...ClosedSubscribers19 Mar '19 10:06304Results
2019 Clan #2 - Preferred MAXIMUM number of clans a player can be a member of?A player can currently join...ClosedSubscribers19 Mar '19 10:02308Results
2019 Clan #1 - Preferred MINIMUM clan members before a challenge can be made?A clan can currently issue ...ClosedSubscribers19 Mar '19 09:58349Results
Clan Ratings Consultation - Clan Leader ONLY vote.Please choose your preferen...ClosedSubscribers07 Apr '17 15:40112Results
Forum change : Named "likes"/recommendations.All forum post "likes"/reco...ClosedAll14 Oct '15 09:1159Results
Clan League Change Consultation Question #3Would you like to see addit...ClosedAll21 May '12 13:47112Results
Clan League Change Consultation Question #2Would you like to see the d...ClosedAll21 May '12 13:41108Results
Clan League Change Consultation Question #1Do you find entering 6 will...ClosedAll21 May '12 13:37131Results
Subscription consultationWe are considering introduc...ClosedAll20 Oct '10 14:202992Results
2010 Clan Leader Consultation Vote # 5 – Default ordering of clansClans are ordered by either...ClosedSubscribers03 Sep '10 11:28165Results
2010 Clan Leader Consultation Vote # 4 – Allocation of pointsAssigning points to clan at...ClosedSubscribers03 Sep '10 11:24164Results
2010 Clan Leader Consultation Vote # 3 – Clan challenge draw abusePreventing clans sharing po...ClosedSubscribers03 Sep '10 11:05169Results
2010 Clan Leader Consultation Vote # 2 – Balancing ChallengesPrevent lopsided challenges...ClosedSubscribers03 Sep '10 10:59166Results
2010 Clan Leader Consultation Vote # 1 – Limited challenges in periodClosedSubscribers03 Sep '10 10:52170Results
VariantsAn open vote to all members...ClosedAll16 Sep '09 08:47240Results
Game moderator vote IIPlease select 3 members fro...ClosedSubscribers14 Mar '08 09:57338Results
New forums proposedPlease choose if you would ...ClosedAll14 Feb '08 11:27237Results
Preferred downtime schedulePlease select 3 sequenti...ClosedSubscribers13 Feb '08 11:15208Results
Immunity From Timeout on VacationWould you be happy if playe...ClosedSubscribers29 Aug '06 20:422369Results
Timeout OptionsWhat options would you like...ClosedSubscribers29 Aug '06 09:492417Results
Tournament time controlsPlease select your three pr...ClosedSubscribers11 Jul '06 13:22979Results
RHP Philly meet-up 2006Please only vote if you gen...ClosedAll12 Dec '05 15:4278Results
Clan home page voteRate your favourite clan ho...ClosedAll11 Oct '05 11:38107Results
RHP London meet-up winter 2005Please only vote if you gen...ClosedAll26 Sep '05 14:0747Results
Rating calculationAt the conclusion of a game...ClosedSubscribers22 Aug '05 14:50110Results
Auto timeout on clan league gamesShould clan league games ti...ClosedSubscribers08 Mar '05 09:38113Results
Clan challenge scoring changesThe current clan scoring sy...ClosedSubscribers28 Jan '05 11:04226Results
Clan sizeWould you like to see large...ClosedSubscribers13 Jan '05 14:47142Results
Game moderatorsPlease select 3 members fro...ClosedSubscribers05 Jan '05 15:14373Results
The game mods conceptThe game mods are a team of...ClosedSubscribers16 Dec '04 14:11193Results
Star WarsRate the existing 5 movies ...ClosedAll16 Dec '04 12:33146Results