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some geometry - area of a certain region2027 Mar '15 19:23Paul Dirac IIforkedknight
match triangles1416 Mar '15 04:54WanderingKingAThousandYoung
Cubes in spheres in cubes in spheres.413 Mar '15 08:56wolfgang59wolfgang59
good luck612 Mar '15 21:55unicorn9005wolfgang59
seating arrangement1411 Mar '15 09:11Paul Dirac IIPonderable
Probability Problem910 Mar '15 09:59wolfgang59st dominics preview
n points on a circle409 Mar '15 18:35WanderingKingwolfgang59
how to spread gossip2208 Mar '15 22:15WanderingKingwolfgang59
Logic puzzles107 Mar '15 15:09Shallow BlueShallow Blue
hanging a picture on a wall1905 Mar '15 06:35WanderingKingWanderingKing
The Expansion of Pi1101 Mar '15 01:29JS357DeepThought
a qualitative one (rather than quantitative)1824 Feb '15 07:21Paul Dirac IIPaul Dirac II
consecutive integer powers1020 Feb '15 00:22Paul Dirac IIWanderingKing
Help with a math problem?3119 Feb '15 17:48sonhousesonhouse
radiator needs filling1119 Feb '15 04:38Paul Dirac IIsonhouse
4's only7805 Feb '15 15:31lemondropPonderable
How many what??4231 Jan '15 06:16wolfgang59wolfgang59
Simplify This!1431 Jan '15 04:24JS357wolfgang59
Happy New year130 Jan '15 12:51sanamgulzarsanamgulzar
playtheimmortal game1022 Jan '15 13:09Obama320Kewpie
The drunkard knight's ride3918 Jan '15 19:58Paul Dirac IIPaul Dirac II
Hats and logicians1616 Jan '15 18:23CalJustDuncan Clarke
The original KJV1304 Jan '15 15:23coquetterobbie carrobie
Addition (?) puzzle1325 Nov '14 21:53wolfgang59wolfgang59
Car decelerates at 1000 G:624 Nov '14 13:49sonhousesonhouse
wally722 Nov '14 01:12wolfgang59wolfgang59
Dingbats2110 Nov '14 06:33wolfgang59wolfgang59
What is the length of the roll?809 Nov '14 18:43sonhousesonhouse
English Civil Wars801 Nov '14 05:35wolfgang59wolfgang59
enlighten me on the book's end note304 Oct '14 05:23Paul Dirac IIPaul Dirac II