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To mars in one hour!316 Apr '14 13:23sonhousesonhouse
Round Shapes813 Apr '14 22:39talzamiriamatiger
To the moon (in one hour!)512 Apr '14 18:38sonhousesonhouse
Problem dealing with interstellar travel:1404 Apr '14 19:16sonhouseiamatiger
Easy(?) Probability2903 Apr '14 14:54wolfgang59forkedknight
Really hard clue903 Apr '14 13:31wolfgang59sonhouse
Bathroom Tiles931 Mar '14 21:28talzamiriamatiger
Easy Rectangle822 Mar '14 01:29talzamirsonhouse
Cold cold ice cubes:120 Mar '14 10:57sonhousesonhouse
Football Goal1219 Mar '14 17:48talzamirsmw6869
2 concentic circles514 Mar '14 11:08wolfgang59talzamir
chess construction task201 Mar '14 20:55David113talzamir
More cryptic clues1220 Feb '14 07:42wolfgang59Rank outsider
Clues to famous chess players1518 Feb '14 20:34Rank outsiderRagwort
A Puzzle616 Feb '14 00:35Sebastian Yap1shooter
10 more clues1210 Feb '14 12:25Rank outsiderFat Lady
Four more crossword style cryptics409 Feb '14 15:24RagwortRagwort
NEW crypic clues1108 Feb '14 20:20wolfgang59wolfgang59
Here's One...2006 Feb '14 14:00UniReCyclopsaroniansunrise
5 easy crypics1002 Feb '14 20:58wolfgang59aquatabby
Another cryptic set1526 Jan '14 21:43talzamirtalzamir
Cryptic Clues1321 Jan '14 21:18wolfgang59talzamir
Think about it920 Jan '14 09:00wolfgang59iamatiger
Another clock puzzle418 Jan '14 23:24wolfgang59talzamir
Clock puzzle429 Dec '13 10:49sonhousetalzamir
Gons and Grams1427 Dec '13 20:45talzamiriamatiger
Floating Iron520 Dec '13 09:21talzamirtalzamir
Solution and letters and envelopes.113 Dec '13 05:41Sebastian YapSebastian Yap
Toast212 Dec '13 12:24CampaignerPonderable
More kids stuff but grown up help required plea...1511 Dec '13 00:46eltrickyiamatiger